Wolf Administration Reviews 2021 Construction Season for PennDOT Northwest Region


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) today marked the completion of the 2021 construction season and all 55 projects that had active work take place during the 2021 construction season in District 1, which includes Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango and Warren counties.

“When PennDOT completes a project, whether large or small, it invests in communities across the state. Doing this at the highest level means balancing the needs of interstate, national, secondary and local road networks, ”Governor Tom Wolf said. “It also means adopting different strategies to preserve and improve over 140 miles of roads in Northwestern Pennsylvania this year.”

In 2021, $ 102 million in contracts were awarded for 43 projects, including 29 road projects, six bridge replacements or rehabilitations, two safety improvements and six projects on local roads or bridges. Work was also done on 12 projects that were launched or awarded ahead of the new year.

Among those projects is the Oliver Road roundabout, where today’s announcement took place. The first year of work on the multi-year project, which will increase safety at the five-branch intersection of Oliver Road, Hamot Road and Flower Road in Summit Township, Erie County, ended in the month latest. The remaining phases of the $ 3.9 million project will be completed in 2022.

“The 2021 construction season presented PennDOT with unique opportunities and unexpected challenges,” said Brian McNulty, District 1 Executive Director of PennDOT. “Every step of the way, our design, construction and maintenance teams came together to find solutions, collaborate with partners, and deliver the best possible value for the limited funding available, while keeping in mind the mind the importance of transport safety.

Other notable projects of 2021 include:

  • Pymatuning State Park Trail Extension – Partnership with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Pymatuning State Park in Crawford County. The project includes the rehabilitation and relocation of the historic Messerall Truss Bridge. The cost of the contract is $ 2.2 million. The work is expected to be completed in 2022.

  • highway 90 – Reconstruction of the 3.5 mile post near exit 3 in Springfield Township to the 10.5 mile post just east of exit 9 in Girard Township, Erie County. The project also includes the replacement of several bridges on I-90 and teardrop-shaped roundabouts at the ramps of Route 18. Two emergency bridge demolitions were carried out in 2021 following separate incidents. by high-rise vehicles. The cost of the contract is $ 66.1 million. The work is expected to be completed in 2023.

  • Soldiers and Sailors Bridge – The project includes the construction of a new multipurpose bridge over the railway line near the residence of soldiers and sailors in the city of Erie. This will eliminate a level crossing to a nearby cemetery and allow train storage to be relocated to free up space for upgrades to the train. Bayfront parkway near State Street and Holland Street. The cost of the contract is $ 2.7 million. The work is expected to be completed in 2022.

Contracts in several countries:

  • Interstate 79 – Restoration of 23 miles of freeway lanes from mile post 154 to mile post 165 in the townships of Hayfield and Cussewago in Crawford County, and Washington Township in Erie County. The project also includes the rehabilitation of two bridges and other structural works. The cost of the contract is $ 15.7 million.

  • Route 428 – Resurfacing over 4 miles in Troy Township and Hydetown Borough, Crawford County and 4.7 miles in Plum Township, Venango County. The cost of the contract is $ 1.9 million.

  • Route 98 – Resurfacing and restoration of 10 miles of roadway in Hayfield and Cussewago townships, Crawford County; and 8 miles of road in Elk Creek and Franklin Townships in Erie County. The cost of the contract is $ 4.2 million.

There were 13 active projects in Crawford County, including:

  • Cambridge Springs Bridge – Replacement of the 203-foot-long truss bridge that carries Route 6 over French Creek in the Borough of Cambridge Springs, Crawford County. The cost of the contract is $ 3.8 million.

  • Shutz Road Bridge – Rehabilitation of the bridge over a tributary of Woodcock Creek near Woodcock Lake in Woodcock Township. The contract cost $ 1.6 million.

  • Pymatuning Reservoir Bridge (Route 3011) – Rehabilitation of the bridge that carries traffic through a popular spillway in Pymatuning State Park. The work also includes improvements to the accessibility of ADA. The cost of the contract is $ 2.3 million.

There were 17 active projects in Erie County, including:

  • Interstate 90 – Repaving of mile post 35 near the Interstate 86 interchange to the New York state border in the townships of Harborcreek, Greenfield and North East. The project includes 10 miles of highway. The cost of the contract is $ 15.4 million. The work is expected to be completed in 2023.

  • 12th Street Corridor – The project includes 22 intersections along the highway in the town of Erie and includes updated signal schedules and two message boards to alert vehicles heading into town from the ‘I-79 and Route 290. It will be completed for the traffic detour during the Bayfront Parkway project. The cost of the contract is $ 8.7 million. Work on the site will begin in 2022 and end later in the year.

  • Interstate 90 – Reconstruction of the Ohio line at the 3.5 mile post near the Route 6 north interchange in Erie County. The project also included the replacement of the Huntley Road Bridge on I-90 and the repaving of mile post 10 to mile post 18. The cost of the contract is $ 37.6 million.

There was an active project in Forest County:

There were 13 active projects in Mercer County, including:

  • Interstate 80 – Repair pavement and update pavement markings as needed on the first 15 miles of highway in the townships of Lackawannock, East Lackawannock and Shenango. The cost of the contract is $ 2.8 million. The work is expected to be completed in 2022.

  • Route 19 – This is an improvement project that includes resurfacing and improving the spokes in the Borough of Mercer and the Townships of East Lackawannock, Springfield and Coolspring. The project will also include the replacement of the bridge in the Township of East Lackawannock. The cost of the contract is $ 3.3 million.

  • Route 258 – Resurfacing 10.55 miles of pavement in the townships of Coolspring, East Lackawannock and Jefferson, and the boroughs of Clark and Mercer. The cost of the contract is $ 2.9 million.

  • Route 173 – Road widening and reconstruction near the intersection of Route 58 in the Grove City borough. The project also includes the restoration of the pavement, curbs, sidewalks, improvements to the ADA curb ramp, and improvements to drainage and signage. The cost of the contract is $ 2 million.

There were seven active projects in Venango County, including:

  • Interstate 80 – Resurfacing of mile post 27.6 on the Venango / Mercer County line to mile post 34.5 near the Route 308 exit for Clintonville. The cost of the contract is $ 8.8 million.

  • Route 8 – Reconstruction of 10 miles of roadway in Irwin, Victory and Sandycreek townships, Venango County. The project also includes the preservation of seven bridges, drainage improvements and safety improvements. The cost of the contract is $ 32.6 million.

  • McClelland Avenue Bridge – Replacement of a locally owned bridge in the Borough of Polk. The work will require the construction of a temporary roadway for residents of the area. The cost of the contract is $ 690,000.

There were four active projects in Warren County, including:

  • Route 426 – Resurfacing and widening of 5.7 miles of roadway in the townships of Columbus and Spring Creek, from former Route 77 to the Erie County line. The cost of the contract is $ 2.7 million.

  • Slip Repairs – Pavement repairs at two locations on Route 62, one in Pleasant Township and the other in Limestone Township. The total cost of the two contracts is $ 947,000.

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