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Kundiawa-Gembogl MP William Onglo, Simbu Governor Michael Bogai Dua, State Enterprise Minister William Duma, Kumul Consolidated Holdings Managing Director Isikeli Taureka, stakeholder representatives and Water PNG officials were witnesses of these remarkable achievements.

Parkop Kurua, acting managing director of Water PNG Ltd, said the Bulolo project has two parts and the days signing event is to attend PART A of the water supply project.

He said: “The footprint of the project is essentially a 15 km distribution network around the township of Bulolo, 480 kiloliters of raw water reservoir, a staff complex, an access road and construction works. associated aqueduct, including connections to housing. The project is estimated at a cost of K 23 million, it is for PART A. The second project that we are here to witness the signing of is the Kundiawa water supply system.

Kurua said the Kundiawa water main and water distribution network is aging infrastructure. Water PNG undertook an investigation and scoping in 2018 and concluded that the entire pipeline, which is approximately 7 km from Urr to the township, needs to be completely replaced.

The Kundiawa Water Supply Project is the first project that Water PNG, after the merger, will jointly fund with the government. The project has an estimated value of K20 million. K5million came from the PIP fund, around K200,000 from the local member and Water PNG provided the balance of around K13million.

Kundiawa-Gembogl MP said that for the past 21 years his people have not received clean and safe drinking water and after a 3 year battle the project can now come to fruition.

Governor Dua said basic services are available but to live a good quality life people need clean drinking water all the time and residents of both project areas have missed this vital necessity for a long time.

Bulolo District Development Authority CEO Joseph Paru said Bulolo has six LLGs and two existing towns, with a third town under construction; being a working-class town, having a good water supply is vital for the business and livelihood of its inhabitants.

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