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Mayor Eddie Sundquist and Jeff Lehman, Director of Public Works, informed City Council that repairs to Washington Street will not be completed until winter. City officials have “advised the state” of any trouble caused by unfinished repairs this winter. Pictured are Mayor Eddie Sundquist and City Council Speaker Anthony Dolce, R-Ward II. Photo of PJ by Timothy Frudd

The municipal administration has officially “Putting the State on notice” due to delays in construction repairs on Washington Street.

Mayor Eddie Sundquist told City Council that many curbs, sidewalks and other parts of Washington Street have yet to be completed by the state, although the state is responsible for running the street.

“We had been advised that Washington Street would not be completed this year,” he said, “And in response to that, Jeff and his team have officially notified the state of the current condition of the road, curbs, and other issues.”

Sundquist said the city administration sent a “written notice of default” in the state. He expressed concern about the condition of the street, especially with the onset of winter and public safety issues that could result from unfinished repairs.

“We asked them to take care of these elements because there is going to be a huge problem not only with the plowing, but also with mobility and access and others to the different areas”, he said.

Jeff Lehman, Director of Public Works, explained that while the city is responsible for clearing snow from the road during the winter months, the street is under state jurisdiction. Although he was put on notice by the city, the state does not expect the street to be completed this year. However, Lehman said the state is trying to improve the situation before winter.

“We’ve had some news from the state, and they’re trying to work with their contractor to improve the situation, but I think it’s going to be a long winter on Washington Street this year,” he said. “The intersections are pretty bad.”

Also, the city’s new central garage, formerly the location of the Hartley car dealership, is under construction. Sundquist said the city has already received shipments of steel and other supplies for the project and expects the building to be completed early next summer.

“The foundations have been laid” he said. “We continue to work on this building.”

Lehman added that the piles of the building were, “come in while we talk.”

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