Upgrading FORESEE nMCP (NAND-based MCP) to promote the construction of the global 5G market


Shenzhen, china, October 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, smart products are continuously being introduced in various fields to meet the demand for better quality of life. To gain competitive advantages, competitors are paying more and more attention to low power consumption and the miniaturization of products. In particular, competition in the fields of portable devices and portable terminals is increasingly fierce. With this in mind, storage companies are increasingly undertaking the vigorous research and development of Multi-Chip Packaging (MCP) storage products.

Since its creation in 2011, FORESEE, an industrial brand of Longsys, has specialized in the research and development of highly stable and reliable storage products that are fashionable. In order to meet the needs of industry customers for low power consumption miniaturized storage chips, FORESEE launched the nMCP (NAND-based MCP) series of products in 2019, offering a range of capacity combinations including 4Gb + 2Gb, 2Gb + 2Gb, 2Gb + 1Gb and 1Gb + 1Gb. Based on different storage technologies and processes, the nMCP is designed uniformly on the same system, which integrates NAND memory and low power DRAM into a single package. The stacked packaging of Flash and LPDDR reduces the PCB design area of ​​terminal products by 30-40%, while simplifying PCB layout and wiring. This accelerates product development for industrial customers and provides them with improved tailored storage solutions. In addition to saving PCB space, FORESEE nMCP can also reduce the cost of purchasing components in the BOM, thereby reducing overall system costs. FORESEE nMCP guarantees product performance and reliability while meeting customers’ miniaturization requirements.

The low-power nMCP has a base voltage of 1.8 V and operating voltages of 1.8 V and 1.2 V. The power consumption of a 1.8 V NAND flash is approximately 40% less than that of a 1.8 V NAND flash. a 3.3V NAND flash, and the power consumption of a 1.8V / 1.2V LPDDR2 is about 30% less than that of a standard 1.8V DDR2 device. The nMCP series products Overall meet the low power requirements of most portable devices and IoT.

In order to reassure industry customers, FORESEE’s R&D team has performed rigorous standard testing on nMCP series products. FORESEE nMCP has passed strict reliability tests (such as HTOL and HTSL for three batches) according to JEDEC standard. The Flash part has passed extensive and rigorous chip-level tests (nearly 50, including a total of 80 subtests). The LPDDR part has passed four tests (and over 40 subtests), namely temperature aging, high temperature pressure, high and low temperature function, and performance tests.

With the widespread application of IoT, nMCP has become an optimal storage solution in the growing IoT and portable device markets. NMCP can be used in products such as phone watches, MIFI and POS devices, multifunction phones, and especially 4G modules. Due to its high stability and compatibility, the product is better suited for wireless communication modules, portable devices and IoT applications requiring miniaturization and low power consumption. FORESEE will continue to provide industry customers with highly reliable storage products with diversified storage capabilities.

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