Top 5 Reasons to Study Engineering

#1 It pays well.

The 2022 salary projections from the National Association of Colleges and Employers found median starting salaries for engineering majors to be over $70,000 and over $75,000 for high-paying majors like computer science.

#2 Your work will matter.

Engineers design the built environment. If you like safe bridges, clean water, or a hassle-free ride, you can thank an engineer. Civil and environmental engineers play the most important role in the design of urban infrastructure, but engineers from all disciplines design technologies that improve the quality of life.

#3 You love math.

Admit it. You do. And there is a lot mathematics in engineering. In fact, we recommend that incoming engineering students be prepared to take calculus as freshmen. But if you’re not, you can always catch up.

And we have plenty of resources, like a dedicated engineering tutoring center and a college-wide math center, to make sure you have the resources to succeed as you tackle problems. more and more mind-blowing mathematics.

#4 You will get a great summer job.

Many of our engineering students have completed paid internships over the summer at companies such as NASA, Tesla, GE and more. We have a dedicated Engineering Career Services office to help you polish your resume, practice your interview skills, and land that internship.

#5 It’s just cool.

Our engineering students can play with everything from aerial robots to earthquake simulators to virtual reality. We have plenty of clubs and competition teams doing everything from racing concrete canoes to building human-powered long-distance vehicles. There’s no way you’re not having fun.

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