The new Torrey Pines fire station to begin construction in the fall

To fill a gap in coverage in the Torrey Pines and northern UC San Diego areas, the City of San Diego plans to build a new fire hall, slated to open in mid-2024.

Currently, three additional fire stations that can serve the area are located to the south and east of the proposed location, near the corner of North Torrey Pines Road and Genesee Avenue.

The $ 20.5 million price tag for the project was covered by the mayor’s $ 1.73 billion municipal budget for 2022. Construction is expected to begin in the fall.

“The Torrey Pines Fire Station will provide a dramatically improved emergency response to the surrounding community and an energy efficient facility in line with the goals of the City of San Diego Climate Action Plan,” the city spokesperson said. , Tyler Becker.

The two-story, 12,360-square-foot station – formerly known as the UCSD Fire Hall – will accommodate three drive-thru device bays and nine personnel, including a battalion commander.

The site, accessible from North Torrey Pines Road, will include three parking spaces for visitors and 18 for firefighters, along with necessary on-site and off-site utility upgrades and new emergency signs in the middle of the block. of public influence. Street and traffic improvements are also planned along Torrey Pines Road to assist emergency vehicles.

In addition, the facility will include dormitories, kitchen, monitoring room, prep room, station alert system, data network, wet and dry utilities and other necessary infrastructure.

In 2017, an analysis for the city by Citygate Associates identified gaps in service areas. Since then, UCSD has announced that it could add up to 10,000 students over the next decade, bringing enrollment to 50,000 and making it one of the largest schools in the West. United States.

Given the expected population increase in the area, “this new station will fill a gap and also provide for future growth in the surrounding area,” said San Diego Fire Department spokeswoman Monica Muñoz. “Our goal is for a team to answer emergency calls for service within seven minutes and 30 seconds, and this station will help us achieve that goal.”

A map of the current fire stations in the La Jolla area, with the arrow pointing to the approximate location of the planned Torrey Pines station.

(Bing Maps and La Jolla Light)

The new station is about 60 percent of the design phase.

“Given the demanding nature of a firefighter’s job and the 24/7 operation of the facility, the health and well-being of the firefighters is central to the design,” said Becker. . “The proposed two-stage system provides efficient and simple circulation for optimal response times from living areas to device bay. A smart and efficient envelope, minimal use of materials for low embodied carbon emissions and a single large flat roof for renewable energies underline the project’s focus on energy reduction.

The city plans to purchase an electric fire truck for the station “as funding becomes available,” Becker said. ??

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