The new CDA hospital block will become operational from tomorrow

ISLAMABAD – Capital Development Authority management is taking various measures to improve and strengthen health facilities for CDA employees and residents of Islamabad.
The Capital Development Authority hospital for the past two decades was not only short of capacity, but also faced a shortage of staff. In 2020, the CDA president ordered the construction of a new block with a capacity of nearly 200 beds. The project was started in 2020 and now it has been completed in record time. Moreover, the current management not only paid attention to civil works, but after 17 years, new doctors were appointed to increase the human resources of the hospital. According to the details, the newly appointed staff at CDA Hospital includes 33 nurses, 33 MOs while 12 specialists from various medical fields have also been appointed. The new hospital block will become operational from Thursday since the recruitment is already done and the equipment is installed. The civil engineering works had already been completed. The SAPM on CDA Affairs and its President addressed the newly recruited physicians. The CDA President welcomed the new staff members and motivated them to work to the best of their abilities.

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