The Design Museum’s Snap filter imagines an alternative reality

The Design Museum and Snap bring extreme climate change to London

The new filter of the Design Museum and Snap imagines an alternative reality

The Design Museum celebrated its fifth anniversary with a virtual experience that brings extreme climate change to London. The Landmarker project, in partnership with Snap, invites visitors to visualize the building through a Snapchat filter that imagines an alternate apocalyptic reality.

Architect Mariam Issoufou Kamara worked with Snap’s AR technology to bring the project to life. “For an architect whose firm is located in a desert country like Niger, the effects of the climate crisis are already all around us through increased droughts, floods and even climate refugees,” she said. “This collaboration with the Design Museum and Snap has really allowed me to explore a future where the climate has radically changed, a new normal if you will. I wanted to use the facade of the Design Museum to explore how the built environment might respond to harsh conditions, and how we could possibly use buildings to meet new needs under extreme conditions.

In line with the environmental transformation described in the filter, building materials will also transform, for an optimistic look at how buildings can adapt to the demands of their environment. For Design Museum chief curator Justin McGuirk, the filter is a chance to explore how existing structures can be part of the response to climate change. “The imaginative reuse of existing structures must be at the heart of climate-conscious architecture,” he says. “And since augmented reality is such an engaging way to reimagine buildings, we’re excited to partner with Snap and Mariam Kamara to explore how our own home might be adapted in the future. What better way to celebrate the anniversary of the Design Museum and the rebirth of a beloved building than to continue to imagine alternative futures for it. ‘

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