Surviving the Tomorrow: How to Prepare for Winter


There are plenty of disasters to prepare for in Surviving the Aftermath, including winter which can quickly destroy an unprepared player’s colony.

Survive the consequences has several disasters players need to prepare for, including a long and deadly winter. Keeping the colony alive during a disaster can be difficult, and players who don’t prepare in advance may find themselves without survivors. Preparing for winter means having enough food, protection, and shelter for each settler and any additions or potential threats that might come to the gate during that time.

Disasters are the biggest challenge players face when trying to build a colony in Survive the consequences, and winter is arguably the hardest to survive. Winter consists of two phases: the onset of winter begins to freeze some structures, then the winter storm arrives and can leave unprepared colonies with no survivors. This can be especially difficult if winter is one of the first disasters to arrive in the colony, so players should start preparing for it early on.


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One of the hardest parts of surviving the winter is having enough food, especially if there are a decent number of people living in the colony. Unless players unlock the talons, they will lose the ability to farm. Fields and other structures will freeze for the duration of the winter, and settlers will freeze if they do not have a heat source nearby. It is important to place heaters near shelters so that settlers can stay warm when they sleep. Other resources players should stock up on are clothing. Even with heat sources, if there is not enough clothing for the settlers, they can freeze or develop hyperthermia.

How to stay alive during the winter to survive the consequences

Survive the Consequences Prepare for the Winter Colony in the Winter Storm

As soon as Survive the consequences players start to get science points and building materials, they must unlock the heating upgrade led in the infrastructure tab. Research tasks can be accessed by accessing the beaker symbol at the bottom of the screen. After upgrading the burners, players must unlock the talons so that there is a continuous food source throughout the winter, which can last for several days. The last winter-related upgrade that players should get as early as possible is the Tailor Store. This can be used to produce clothing for the colony.

In addition to improving structures and ensuring a stable food source, players can prepare for winter by limiting the number of settlers they welcome at the start. A large colony can be productive and this is something players should be working towards, but having a large number of people to dress and feed during a disaster at the start of winter can cause the colony to fall. Groups with a lot of old people or children will not have many workers, and those who are able to work will not be able to do most of the work. Players need to be strategic with whom they take, at least at the start of the game, to avoid heavy losses during the winter.

Similar to its predecessor, Survive Mars, keeping a colony alive in Survive the consequences means preparing for the various environmental disasters that continually threaten the colony. Winter is one of the hardest disasters to survive, so players will need to be prepared for it at all times. Later in the game, players will be able to unlock a satellite that gives them an earlier warning, but until then they should focus on maintaining a large amount of food and firewood to survive the winter in Survive the consequences.

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Survive the consequences is available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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