Strong rebound in Indian labor market after pandemic, Apna report says

After two years of the pandemic, the last quarter proved to be exciting for job seekers as the markets finally opened up. Indians attended over 30 million interviews in the past three months, up 13.71% from the previous quarter (October-21 December), according to, the largest jobs platform and professional networking in India, which has spotted promising trends in Indian employment. post-pandemic market.

The country noted a sudden job boom in the last quarter, and Apna saw a 42% quarter-on-quarter growth in its employer base. Due to the second wave of covid last year, sectors such as healthcare, delivery and e-commerce were booming while other sectors had quite low employment rates. Fast forward to the first quarter of 2022, sectors like hospitality, beauty and wellness, manufacturing, real estate and aviation logistics are back in action and have seen a gradual increase in job openings as the markets began to recover. In fact, Apna saw an 80% and 30% increase in job postings in the beauty and wellness and hospitality sectors respectively.

According to Apna’s analysis, the IT and logistics sectors have seen the strongest hiring momentum for the rising workforce. Real estate, hospitality, beauty and wellness saw a strong recovery this year compared to the same period a year ago.

“The Indian economy has been on an optimistic growth trajectory over the past quarter and we are confident that this year India will finally fully recover from the impact of the pandemic,” said Manas Singh, Chief Commercial Officer of Apna. “Apna will continue to be the supporting partner to get India back to work this year as well.”

Over the past three months, with a massive 141% growth in new users, Apna has registered 48 lakh, new professionals, on its platform who have interviewed for various roles across all industries. 46% of these new users preferred the vernacular interface to English to find job opportunities and develop their professional networks. In fact, according to data shared by Apna, 45% of its user base has been seen interacting in communities and building their network.

The month of March recorded the maximum activity for both employers and professionals during the past quarter.

North Indians had an inclination for pagers, computer operators and security guard roles, but people in the south of the country preferred jobs like business development and logistics. East Indian users applied for delivery and sales, while western professionals sought opportunities in back office, finance, driver and retail.

Callers, IT operators and back office have always been the main categories in all regions.

Apna’s report also records changes in user interest in jobs across all categories. For example, user interest increased by 44% for business development, 39% for sales and fieldwork, and 22% for delivery people. It increased by 19% for back-office roles, 16% for IT operators, 14% for engineering (all functions) and 11% for human resources and cooks/chefs and bakers.

Functions such as nursing assistants (60%), refrigeration technicians (57%), chemical engineers (35%), welders (32%), fitters (19.96%), draftsmen (14%) experienced an increase in requests compared to last quarter.

Even though 50% of interviews took place in major metropolises including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata, interviews in Tier II cities increased by 30% compared to last quarter.

Apna’s quarterly report notes that graduates tracked by users with less than 12th and 10th grade gave the most interviews in the last quarter. The Apna app continued to provide easy access to users, in terms of understanding, connectivity and convenience, offering services in Hindi and English.

As India has started moving for work, the trend of WFH (work from home) jobs remains prominent. Last quarter, Apna noted a 2% increase in the number of people applying for remote jobs.

In another motivating update, with a plethora of job opportunities this year, the demand for entry-level employees has also increased this year compared to the same period last year.

Apna’s analysis also highlights increased participation of women in the workforce this quarter as they applied for a variety of roles. They granted more than one million interviews, an increase of 20% compared to last quarter. Apart from traditional roles, women also applied for roles such as delivery man, security guards, drivers, chefs/bakers, IT support, civil engineers, fitness instructors, etc.

Apna also noted a 96% increase in app installs compared to the same period last year. The company recently partnered with Vi, aiming to target young people in Bharat to help them find the right job, giving Vi users priority access to India’s largest job listing. This initiative will increase interview opportunities, free of charge.

Apna is growing at a rapid pace and has further expanded to 26 cities in the past three months alone. The platform is now present in more than 70 cities, with more than 22 million users and 200,000 partner employers.

BOX: A post-pandemic quarterly analysis by

Beauty and wellness industries see 80% increase in job postings in last quarter

Stronger recruitment dynamic in logistics and IT

30% QoQ increase in hospitality job postings

13.71% QoQ increase in interviews

42% QoQ growth in its employer base

141% growth in new users in the last quarter

Women granted more than one million interviews, an increase of 20% from last quarter.

Compared to last quarter, interviews in Tier II cities increased by 30%

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