Rocky River co-owners protest construction of neighboring building


ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – The Hil-Roc Condominium Owners Association on Hilliard Boulevard is critical of a potential construction project that would replace the building that was being built next to them.

The construction site had a massive fire that burned down the construction site in February 2020. The fire engulfed the unfinished building on Hilliard Boulevard between Wooster Road and Valley View Drive.

The Hil-Roc Homeowners Association says they cannot have any attention to their complaints until a final public hearing on the project. In addition, they oppose plans for a proposed building height which has increased by 21 feet.

Ben Sullivan, managing director of the association, said in a letter to Rocky River Mayor Pam Bobst that with a larger building there would be more units and parking spaces are already insufficient. . The letter states that condo owners are concerned that the overflow of cars will then park in the above-ground portion of the Hil-Roc parking lots and people will be forced to park alongside Hilliard “and from the Valley View Drive neighborhood to the north leading to crowded streets and parking shortages throughout the area.This overflow parking lot on the Hilroc property will cause damage to our infrastructure and decrease the value of our property and will not be tolerated.

The letter also indicates that the owners were excluded from discussions on the project between the town hall and the various commissions involved in the process.

Mayor Bobst commented on the letter. She said representatives from Hil-Roc are free to speak to the planning board and the building board as their meetings are open to the public, but she offered some ideas on what the plan might be for the property and the region.

“Obviously, the redevelopment is part of our master plan for this section of Hilliard. In addition, we are working with the county. They’re going to renovate the Hilliard Bridge. The proposed modifications to Hilliard Boulevard may include a two-way lane with a central median and a multi-use trail on the south side to connect to the Metroparks. Note: The carriageway is currently four lanes. The proposed changes would mean a ban on parking on Hilliard.

“This is several years away though,” she said, “after the dismantling and rebuilding of the Hilliard Bridge.”

She added that the proposed project goes through the city’s usual process with informal meetings right now which are open meetings and will always include zoning considerations, final planning commission recommendations, and then a public hearing which will be programmed by the city council.

The next planning committee meeting is scheduled for October 19.

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