Provincial urbanization accelerates – as new residential subdivision sells out earlier than expected

The overwhelming demand for sections in a planned new residential community in Amberley Township in North Canterbury has led its developers to move the next phase of sites for sale forward by nearly three months.

The new development, known as The Clearing, consists of what will ultimately be a neighborhood of 360 housing units of varying sizes sold in consecutive stages. The Clearing is located 500 meters from the existing Amberley town center.

The first stage of The Clearing hit the market on November 5, with offers closing on November 18. Since then, all 28 sections have purchase contracts. Section sizes ranged from 400 square meters to 1,238 square meters, with base prices starting at $ 190,000.

Now the second stage of The Clearing – comprising a plot of 47 individual sections has been brought to market. Sections of The Clearing are marketed for sale through Bayleys Canterbury.

Bayleys Canterbury salesperson Chris Jones said the unprecedented demand for sections in The Clearing district – and the resulting high number of early sales – meant The Clearing’s second phase of sales was now well underway. nearly three months to quench the red. market demand for sections.

“The rate at which the Stage One sections of The Clearing sold out was overwhelming. While we knew that demand would be strong and that the process would continue early next year. No one had envisioned the level of buyer investigation that we have experienced, ”Jones said.

“Interest in the Sections has come from across the spectrum of the population – with strong interest from locals wanting to relocate but stay in the existing Township of Amberley, builders looking for sites to develop and land investors looking to expand. long term.

“It’s very encouraging to not only start the first stage of a project on the scheduled start date, but also to be able to simultaneously embed the next stage of civil works.

“The allure of buying a brand new development in which to build a new home, raise the kids, live and work remotely, or retire has certainly appealed to a large buying audience.

Leisure facilities such as the Amberley Golf Club, Amberley Tennis Club, Amberley Rugby Club, Amberley Bowling Club, Amberley Cricket Club, Amberley Pony Club and Amberley Netball Club are all a short drive from The Clearing, ”Jones said.

The Clearing is developed by UWC Ltd, owned by prominent Wellington developer Ian Cassels. Its aspiration to invest in the public realm and amenities is reflected in the master plan and engineering to provide a shared connected environment, with community access to open public spaces, heavily planted wetlands, and a full community playground on offer. for the fourth stage of development.

Jones added that with The Clearing’s initial liquidation precedent firmly established, the developer was now confident that the second installment would also be sold out within a relatively short period of time – potentially as early as the end of January.

At this point, the final 48 sections of The Clearing Stage 3 will not be released until the end of Stage 2. Jones said design and build clauses are in place for all section sales to ensure that land values ​​within the development are sustained for all owners and that high quality residence and urban design. are built.

Landscaping earthworks and infrastructure earthworks at The Clearing are scheduled to begin next year, with section titles due for release in early 2023.

“Residential construction in the province of Canterbury has evolved since the 2011 earthquake – with the opening of major housing estates like West Melton, Rolleston, Lincoln, Rangiora, Pegasus and now Amberley. Opening The Clearing will go a long way in providing accommodation solutions to meet the continued demand from home and section buyers in the region.

Amberley is located about a 40-minute drive north of Christchurch, near the Waipara wine region. The latest sales data from the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand shows that in October of this year, the median sale price of a property in the Hurunui watershed increased by 1.2% compared to the same month in 2020. from $ 415,000 to $ 420,000 over the 12 months.

“REINZ data shows a robust and continuing demand for housing in the region. These numbers certainly bode well for the future and for those who buy from the site, ”Jones said.

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