Presentation of construction plans for the new fire hall in Southwest Columbia


The Columbia Fire Department is approaching its construction start date this fall for Fire Hall # 11.

To receive feedback and present preliminary construction plans, the department and Columbia Public Works held an informal town hall meeting on Monday.

This was the last public meeting before departments sought approval from Columbia City Council to solicit construction bids, Fire Chief Andy Woody said.

The new station will be built in southwest Columbia on Scott Boulevard, north of Montauk Court. The goal of the new station is to better serve Columbia’s growing population, Woody said.

The land for the station was purchased by the city as part of a regular real estate process, said Kent Hayes, director of building facilities at Columbia Public Works. Station n ° 10, planned for eastern Colombia, is still looking for real estate.

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Improve what is already available

“It will improve what we are able to offer everyone,” said Woody. “This is your fire station and we want people to know about it.… We want (the station) to be a resource for the neighborhood.”

The new station will be approximately 10,000 square feet in size and will include truck parking areas, four bedrooms, an exercise room, a common room and lounge, a training room and a police station. A mezzanine section of the second floor of the station will be used for other training and for mechanical storage.

Construction of the new station is expected to reduce response times to fires and other incidents requiring the presence of the fire department.

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Although the architect’s drawings were presented as preliminary, they essentially constitute the final construction plan, unless changes are required, Woody said.

“We had a committee of our people as well as the architects who worked on the design of the building,” he said. “We are ready.”

The city worked with Peckham and Wright Architects of Columbia to draw up the plans.

Exterior projections of a new Columbia Fire Department station were on display at Columbia City Hall on Monday as part of a public meeting to get community feedback on the new station.

Construction times and costs

Construction is expected to take between six and eight months, said Hayes. It depends on the availability and price of construction supplies, as well as the future acceptance of a construction offer.

“Lumber prices were skyrocketing. They are stabilizing and falling now,” he said. “The flooding in Texas, the amount of plastic and pipes (high density polyethylene) is affected.”

“Until we can bid and hear back, these are preliminary plans.”

The project should cost $ 2.5 million and will be funded by sales tax on capital improvements. This cost did not include the purchase of the land or the fire trucks for the station. The credit is intended for architectural and construction services.

Station workforce plans

The station will be made up of nine firefighters, three per shift. This means that there will be one fire company at the station per day. Firefighters work two days in a row, then are off for four days.

“It allows them to take a day or two off work before they come back. The previous schedule didn’t allow that,” said Woody.

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Columbia Fire Station # 7 at 400 Green Meadows Circle.

Community response

At least one Columbia resident who lives about a mile from the new resort is happy with the plan.

The design of the new station is well thought out, said Melanie Hynek.

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“I like that they have training there. It’s especially smart considering the nature of the job,” she said, adding that she liked the training room and the police station in the city. south of town, as not all fire stations have these facilities.

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