PPC Cement has taken note with great satisfaction of the publication of the designated sectoral regulation which now makes it possible to set the minimum threshold.

“The South African cement industry has a capacity of 19 million tonnes, with current demand of around 13 million tonnes. This makes it one of the key economic drivers and a large-scale employer.

– Njombo Lekula

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, October 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – JOHANNESBURG: PPC Cement noted with great appreciation the publication of designated industry regulations which now allow the minimum threshold for local production and content to be stipulated for the cement sector. Prior to these new regulations, imports of cement and related products into South Africa had made it difficult for local cement manufacturers to compete on a level playing field. Local content regulations will save the local construction industry, create jobs and support economic growth.

PPC Ltd, on behalf of the entire construction industry, welcomes this groundbreaking government initiative as it now gives clear direction on how the different types of cement are to be made using locally produced clinker and secondary materials of local origin. PPC affirms that the use of certified and quality compliant South African cement is a vital component of the SIDS program and its specific projects.

As a local cement company committed to contributing to the growth of the South African economy and supporting local cross-cutting industries, PPC reiterates its capacity, capacity and commitment to continue working with government and all others. stakeholders in the sector to ensure that the construction industry remains a flagship sector of our economy,

Infrastructure development is an essential pillar in stimulating economic growth and job creation and is part of our commitment to supporting economic recovery efforts. If the industry is to be successful in stimulating and growing the country’s economy, it needs an empathetic partner in government who will ensure that harmful practices such as suppliers of substandard products and including the practice of dumping are effectively eliminated. of the ecosystem of the construction sector.

“The South African cement industry has a capacity of 19 million tonnes, with current demand of around 13 million tonnes. This makes it a major economic driver and a large-scale provider of employment opportunities. Therefore, these new regulations will ensure that quality levels are maintained and that jobs are protected and sustainable, ”said Njombo Lekula, Managing Director of PPC Southern Africa.


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