Plumbing laboratory installed at the GEC | Goa News

Panaji: An International Practice Center for Plumbing is being established at Goa Engineering College (GEC), Farmagudi. The center will have a laboratory where civil engineers, architects, etc. will be able to visit and learn about proper plumbing systems and their importance in maintaining a healthy building.
Since Goa is a tourist destination, the laboratory was designed as an attraction for visiting professionals.
The Center is a joint initiative of GEC and the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA).
“This is a welcome step in making Goa an education and skills destination, as this lab will be visited by engineering and architecture students and building professionals from across the country. It will also strengthen the Skill India program by developing a learning destination to impart appropriate settlement skills,” Arts, Culture and Sports Minister Govind Gaude said after laying the foundation stone for the center on Friday. .
Indian Council of Technical Education Chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe said a center like this at the GEC would help bridge a learning gap.
“Plumbing is a science directly related to human health, hygiene and the environment. The center will feature good plumbing practices and warnings about poor plumbing installations. This will fill the learning gap that exists in this area of ​​education,” said Sahasrabudhe.
IPA National Chairman Gurmit Singh Arora said the Goa center is a start towards IPA’s initiative to build a healthy nation.
The lab will be a working plumbing lab with an area of ​​625 m² and will feature the latest plumbing equipment and accessories for modern spaces including offices, residences, hotels, hospitals and institutions.

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