Now that the Bond Law and Justice Center is finished, when can you start seeing the construction?

BOZEMAN – If at first you are not successful, try, try again and try again.

That’s what Gallatin County did with the Law and Justice Center. After three failed attempts, 55% of voters in Gallatin County finally said yes to a new center for law and justice.

Many have now requested that the Law and Justice Center bail be approved when you could start to see work taking place.

Nick Borzack told MTN News residents of Gallatin County could start seeing construction in the summer of 2022 by starting outside with the parking lot. Work on the building itself is expected to begin closer to the fall around September 2022.

It should be noted that Gallatin County expects the Law and Justice Center to remain operational during construction.

The plan also calls for keeping District Court 3 open as much as possible during construction until it is decided that it should be moved or demolished.

Ultimately, the courts will be the only thing left at the Law and Justice Center once the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office moves to their new home in Four Corners and the Town of Bozeman moves its operations to the new center. public security.

Once construction is complete, the former Law and Justice Center will be demolished in the summer or fall of 2024. Expect to see around two years of construction here at the Law and Justice site .

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