Norwood fire crews battle an excavator fire at the Norwood Hospital construction site

All Norwood Fire Department service companies are fighting an excavator fire at the Norwood Hospital construction project site, according to a statement from the ministry.

Most of the fire was extinguished and contained within the shovel without spreading to surrounding buildings or piles of debris, the department said. The department also said there were no injuries to firefighters or construction workers at the time.

The hospital has been an active construction site since last month, when the demolition has started on a reconstruction project that will eventually see the hospital reopen in 2024, according to GBH News.

The decision of the hospital owners Health Care Steward to replace the hospital came in the wake of a 2020 flood that caused irreversible damage, GBH reported.

On June 28, 2020, the Norwood Hospital parking lot was flooded with several feet of rain. The rain ended up flooding the basement of the hospital, according to WCVB.

“Soon after that, water also started leaking from the roof and upper floors,” the Norwood Fire Department told MassLive. “Due to patient rooms and compromised security, the decision has been made to evacuate the patients from the hospital.”

After the power went out around 6:30 p.m., about 20 patients were evacuated from the building, said hospital chief executive Tony Mazzucco. The Boston Globe. Another 60 to 70 patients were forced to leave the hospital around 10 p.m. Some patients remained in the Draper Building – the part of the building that still had electricity, the Globe said.

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