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Pooley Bridge is in the running for an international award. Credit: Institution of Civil Engineers

GOLD FOR POOLEY … Pooley Bridge is on the verge of winning a major international award and we couldn’t be more excited for it. The Lake District National Park structure is shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award from the Institution of Civil Engineers. And it’s no surprise why – Pooley Bridge is the UK’s first stainless steel road bridge and it looks just plain cool. We’re pretty sure Knight Architects, Eric Wright Civil Engineering, GHD and Mott MacDonald all deserve the awards for their work on the project, which Cumbria Cllr Keith Little has described as an “iconic landmark”. You can give your vote to the bridge at

ROAD BLOCKS … After setting up odd and certainly not inconspicuous boxes in the city, Manchester City Council was forced to explain itself through a series of uninspiring street art installations. The boxes are temporary items that are part of the installation of enhanced digital advertising displays in the city. They occupy an unreasonable place on the pavement and commentators have expressed their disgust since arriving a few weeks ago. Fortunately, the boxes won’t be around forever. They will soon be replaced by “cutting edge 86-inch digital displays,” which will hopefully take up a little less space than their clunky placeholders.

Padel, credit, unsplash

Credit: @thomasworks

A BAT AND A BALL … Are your knees too sore for squash? Tired of spending more time locating finicky tennis balls than hitting winners with the backhand? Do not be afraid. Padel, a sport native to Acapulco and widely practiced in Western Europe, is a hybrid of squash and tennis that combines the best elements of each. There are only a handful of padel courts in the UK, but its popularity continues to grow, as witnessed by Warrington. The Grappenhall Sports Club recognized the growing demand for the sport and applied for a building permit to build a pair of courts. The padel revolution is upon us.

PORTRAIT… Liverpool Lib Dem frontman Cllr Richard Kemp made a strange discovery in a cupboard in the Cunard Building this week and it raised a number of questions: Who did this? When? And above all, why?

Transmission house, Fabrice, C Fabrice

Vurger is the second commercial arrival at Transmission House Credit: Fabrix

PLANT-BASED … Following the arrival of the piano maker C. Bechstein at Transmission House last month, Fabrix Capital is expected to welcome another tenant into its downstairs retail space. The Vurger Co, a vegan burger restaurant, has applied for a license to open a 2,000 square foot unit in the Manchester residential program. Elsewhere, CBD brand Love Hemp took 1,800 square feet at the Bonded Warehouse in Allied London – a good week for everything herbal in Manchester.

Bolesworth Castle, Bolesworth Estate, P Simon Kennish

You could be the new keeper of the Bolesworth Estate. Credit: via Simon Kennish

GUARDIAN OF THE CASTLE … The impressive Bolesworth Castle Estate is looking for a new keeper. One of the big advantages of the job? Have a two bedroom accommodation on the estate. In return for that and a regular salary, you only have to perform general handyman tasks like keeping the castle’s outdoor spaces tidy, testing fire alarms, managing the estate’s fleet of vehicles. You will also be responsible for taking out the trash because, yes, even castles have trash cans.

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