No more hot mess: ACs in hospital OTs are fixed

General maintenance of OGH air conditioners in progress; 50 air coolers to acquire

General maintenance of OGH air conditioners in progress; 50 air coolers to acquire

The operating room (OT) air conditioners at Osmania General Hospital that had fallen into disrepair were finally repaired.

The air conditioners in the emergency rooms as well as in the emergency rooms of the urology department and other departments were repaired a few days ago. We learn that the general maintenance of ACs in other OTs and USIs will be completed by Wednesday.

On April 24, a report “Dysfunctional CAs in OGH Operating Rooms Soak Surgeons” published in these columns shed light on the situation at the city’s main public hospital. With air conditioners not working, doctors had to brave the sweltering conditions to perform surgeries, fearing that a tiny drop of their sweat would fall on the patient’s body, leading to infections.

As a workaround, some doctors used gauze and cotton swabs to wear as sweatbands. Sometimes a staff member would be present in the operating theater just to wipe the beads of sweat from doctors’ faces and hands as they performed hour-long surgeries.

The hospital administration began the repairs last week and is now focusing on general maintenance of the air conditioners in the operating theatres. About 50 air coolers are to be procured within days, sources said.

40-bed ICU

Civil works undertaken at Osmania General Hospital, Afzalgunj, were recently inspected by Telangana State Medical Services and Infrastructure Development Corporation Chairman Errolla Srinivas and a team of engineers. The hospital superintendent, B. Nagender, took them to the premises where food is provided for patient attendants.

A new 40-bed intensive care unit (ICU) would be inaugurated by mid-May. In addition, a minor operations theater has been renovated and an orthopedic academic block is ready. All these facilities would be inaugurated in two weeks.

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