New water well and intake under construction at Enterprise


ENTERPRISE, Alabama (WTVY) – A multi-million dollar project is in full swing and will affect all residents of Enterprise within city limits.

If you’ve been walking around Boll Weevil Circle lately, you may have noticed that construction was going on next to the water tower.

Enterprise has invested $ 5 million in a new water reservoir and a new well that will serve all citizens around Enterprise.

After 60 years of service, Progress, as the oldest well and active reservoir in the Cité du Progrès, will soon be out of service.

“The well was drilled in 1961 at a 750 gallon per minute well. Of course at that time there was nothing here, there was no bypass, there were no houses, it was just cotton fields, peanut fields, and something. “One had just seen the future that Enterprise was going to need a water supply in this area,” said Alan Mahan, Field Superintendent of the Enterprise Water Board.

Over the years, the tank has slowed down to just 650 gallons per minute and can only hold half a million gallons.

“What we needed was a bigger well to pump more water and a bigger reservoir for this growing area,” Mahan added.

This upgrade will provide more than 600,000 gallons per day to homes.

“We’re going from a half-million-gallon tank to a 1.5 million-gallon tank,” Mahan continued. “We’re going from a 750 gallon per minute well to a 1000 gallon per minute well.”

Although the cost of the new reservoir and the new well is considerably higher than the old one, it will save the city money in the future.

“This particular tank which is being built will be low maintenance, again it will not have legs, it will not have spider stems, it will not have anything to paint,” said Mahan.

Although its main purpose is to provide water to residents and businesses, water towers also fulfill another important role.

“It’s really publicity for your city,” Mahan concluded. “So it’s important that these tanks stay in good condition. “

The city hopes to complete the reservoir by May 2022. They say they should have the well completed by October.

Enterprise has 11 wells and water reservoirs to serve throughout the business.

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