Million Dollar House in the Woods Has Priceless Views and Creature Comforts |


It’s hard to imagine a million dollar home – a home with all the comforts you could possibly want, plus all the sleek and sophisticated finishes you’d expect at this price – being overshadowed by the land on which it is. is located.

Fortunately for us, we don’t have to try to imagine such a scenario. It exists.

Nestled over 3 acres deep in the woods of Osage County on the northern edge of Sand Springs, minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tulsa, lies such an anomaly.

James May built his modern industrial wonder in 2018 and moved the following year, followed later in 2019 by his partner, Cindy Ellison.

The 3,752 square foot steel and glass structure rises to the top of a ridge almost as if it were just another of the many giant stone slabs that dot the landscape, left eons ago by Mother Nature and the glaciers.

But the house is decidedly newer – and also less important than its surroundings to its builder.

“I love the land,” May said. “Home has always been secondary to me.

It was the rugged beauty of the rocky and forested landscape that drew him to this site over 30 years ago.

A civil engineer with a master’s degree in chemical engineering as well, May purchased 35 acres here in 1990 from the Bank of New Mexico and began looking for a home site.

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