Los Fresnos settlements suffer financial losses due to road construction


LOS FRESNOS, TX (ValleyCentral) – A Texas Department of Transportation road construction project in Los Fresnos is losing customers for businesses.

The TXDOT project is underway on State Highway 100 / Ocean Boulevard to repair roads that have reportedly damaged vehicles and bring sidewalks up to ADA standards, according to Los Fresnos City Manager Mark Milum.

“I think it was in May when it started and there was a lot of rain which caused problems,” Milum said.

He explained that the project was initially due for completion in eleven months, but could be delayed due to rain.

The TXDOT project is for the benefit of the city. However, businesses suffer financial losses.

“Well that stuff killed all of our weekend stuff because people after waiting an hour in Los Fresnos they don’t want to come in and have a drink or a sandwich until they get to the island. “said the main distiller of the Rio Grande distillery. , Jerrod Henri.

Henry opened his business in March 2020 and said he had a good run until May.

“It’s obvious to me to pack my bags and go.”

Jerrod Henry, Principal Distiller of the Rio Grande Distillery

He said he was unable to continue his business in Los Fresnos due to loss of income from construction and would move to Port Isabel.

The Rio Grande Distillery is not the only company to suffer from the road construction project.

Godoy’s Bakery is also suffering financial losses.

“I’m not lying when I tell you that from one week to the next, sales have dropped a lot,” said Sabino Godoy, co-owner of Boulangerie Godoy.

Godoy said sales have fallen by at least sixty percent since construction began.

He said their location is suffering because it’s a maze to get into their location.

Godoy explained that they have made changes to the company in order to get through this difficult time.

“We now make packaged flour tortillas, which now helps us make the payments,” Godoy said.

Explain further that they have considered moving their business, but it is not easy with their current situation and it is difficult for them to find a location that matches their needs.

Godoy said the TXDOT project caused them more financial damage than the pandemic.

City manager Milum said he understood the situation was difficult and that they were trying to help.

“We also do promotions through our chamber and our economic development company,” Milum said.

Milum explained that promotions are done through social media posts and they also go to great lengths to provide assistance in accessing commercial sites.

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