Local high school students learn big skills with a “small” building project

AMMON (KPVI) – Local high school students are trying to make a big difference by building small projects.

Ammon Quarry Technical High School experienced a buzz on Friday as students united to build a small house.

Most of the students enrolled in the school came for other subjects or because the traditional school was not for them. But thanks to this program, they acquired professional skills.

“I think it’s great to have a school where you can learn all the skills you need or anything you might need in the future,” says Harley, who is a student in the program.

Many students choose the school because of the hands-on experience, and some of them already have jobs lined up after graduation.

“One thing I love about building is that everywhere I go I can look and say I did it,” says Braxton, a student in the program.

Kyle Wright, a teacher in the program, says it’s rewarding for him to watch the students learn and grow. He likes to see them understand and flourish in their work.

“I try to teach them to be proud of what they do,” Wright says. “It’s easy to come in and try to put a few boards together, but I try to encourage them to think things through and make it go well. I just like to see them take pride in what they do.

The construction process is just beginning, but is expected to be completed in August. Once completed, the class plans to present their work. They will take it to different elementary schools in the area and it will be displayed in the parade of houses.

Ultimately, it will be donated to a local organization or individual. KPVI did not provide any details on its final destination.

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