Lecturer / Lecturer / Associate Professor / Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Enriching students’ learning experience to become global graduates by planning and executing student learning and development, undergraduate and postgraduate student supervision, research grants, publications as well as contributions and services to ensure sustainable postgraduate programs


Student learning and development

Plan and execute student learning and development by undertaking teaching assignments with T&L quality monitoring (e.g. course outcomes survey, student self-reflection tools (SSRT) survey) , speaker reflection), teaching delivery method (e.g. Active Learning (AL), use of ULearn) and assessment design and quality to provide effective educational delivery and create a learning environment superior.


Supervise and guide (i) undergraduate students by supervising and advising final year projects, ETP/STP/TTP/Capstone projects and internship/research programs as well as (ii) postgraduate students for on-time completion of higher education to achieve higher quality education.


Contribute to research activities by submitting and securing internal and external research grants approved by research institutes to carry out impactful and meaningful research, innovation, commercialization and consultancy projects that benefit industry, society and the university.


Contribute to the publishing work of the university by publishing articles in Q1/Q2 journals with impact factor and other types of publications such as indexed journals, conference proceedings, publications with international co-authorship, book chapters and book manuscripts to achieve impactful and meaningful publications that benefit industry, society and academia.

Contributions & Benefits

Contribute and provide services by networking and collaborating with internal parties (e.g. internal examiner, task force members, student societies, clubs, etc.) as well as securing membership in national and international professional bodies relevant to achieving higher quality education that benefits industry, society and academia.


  • Registered with professional organizations (BEM, MBOT, etc.) and obtained the professional qualification
  • Research areas related to energy sustainability and smart communities
  • PhD with teaching, research or industry experience
  • Networking within the education and industry fraternity
  • Publication in journals Q1 and Q2

UTP Portal: https://career.utp.edu.my

E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: (+60) 5-368 8079

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