Körber unveils unmatched portfolio of solutions and supply chain strategy at Elevate EMEA 2021


The global provider of supply chain solutions enables the next generation of resilience and efficiency to meet consumer demand and overcome the complexities of warehousing and logistics.

Hamburg, germany, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Körber to announce its global strategy to enable businesses to turn today’s warehousing and logistics challenges into a strategic differentiator at its inaugural Elevate EMEA user conference, September 21-23, 2021. With its unique portfolio of supply chain software, robotics, and cloud-powered voice, vision and mobility solutions, KÓ§rber has and will continue to power some of the world’s most complex supply chains.

“Almost half of the world’s supply chain professionals have faced increasing complexity from 2019 to 2020. Yet only one in ten is capable of meeting these challenges *,” says Chad Collins, CEO Software, Körber Business Area Supply Chain. “Not only the pandemic, but also the increase in consumer expectations for speed, price and choice, the pressure to become more sustainable, as well as emerging digital technologies, will continue to force companies to redefine their chains. supply. ”

“The future of the supply chain depends on digitization, and KÓ§rber has the vision, backed by technology and expertise, to make it a reality,” says Sean Elliott, CTO Software and CDO, the supply chain of KÓ§rber’s business area. “KÓ§rber ensures companies are investing in a solution developed specifically for their needs – to reimagine their supply chains to meet the challenges of today and conquer the complexities of tomorrow.”

KÓ§rber will focus on three key areas for digitally innovating supply chains. In addition to the cloud, this includes the seamless integration of humans, automation and robotics, as well as simulation and artificial intelligence (AI). The result is unmatched efficiency of smart supply chains with improved predictability and results. Specific examples include:

  • The move to the cloud, which is well advanced in Europe, to increase the agility, performance and productivity of supply chain operations and IT systems. Körber’s cloud solutions support its full range of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), as well as its Warehouse Control System (WCS). This eliminates the complexity of on-premises servers, while WMS and WCS management is handled by a single vendor for the most successful automated workflows.
  • A unique Unified control system (SCU) RAM focused with out-of-the-box capabilities, specifically designed for multimodal operations, will launch in 2022. KÓ§rber’s AMR solutions already integrate seamlessly into workflows, providing a constant flow of operational data to increase productivity . UCS will allow organizations to simplify orchestration and integration between AMRs, humans, and automation systems, while maximizing utilization, throughput and profitability by capitalizing on the data of their interactions.
  • Improvements to CLASS, K??from rber warehouse layout design and simulation tool that allows companies to run any number of “What if?” »Scenarios in their warehouse – whether investing in new technology, new facilities or adjusting workforce capacity. CLASS can now improve long-term planning and be used in day-to-day operations. This follows recent feature launches to simulate robotics, work planning, and improved 3D rendering and virtual reality. CLASS will be available on the cloud in 2022.
  • All of the above innovations are made possible with Körber One, the cloud-based technology platform that serves as the backbone of KÓ§rber’s supply chain innovations. With Körber One, customers can take full advantage of new capabilities with the flexibility to adapt to industry demands, without a complex implementation and upgrade process.

More than 4,700 customers around the world are reinventing their supply chains with KÓ§rber. Key success in Europe, presented at the event, includes:

  • Engelbert Strauss, the German supplier of work clothing, safety footwear and personal protective equipment has one of the most automated workflows in the region. The company uses KÓ§rber’s WMS and WCS to control complex conveying technology, including. shuttle system and goods-to-person workstations. Additional AMRs manage on-site production, including individualization.
  • dm-drugstore market, germany leading drugstore chain, received the German Logistics Award 2020 and has relied on Körber’s warehouse management system at all of its locations for over 20 years as part of its efficient logistics IT.
  • Tool station, one of the Brittany The fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building materials, benefit from Körber voice picking operations combined with Körber’s warehouse fulfillment solution to optimize warehouse processes.
  • London Sainsbury’s is one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains. Körber has been providing voice solutions to Sainsbury’s since 2004 – with over 2,000 users at 14 locations. They are also a long-time CLASS user. Now Sainsbury will use KÓ§rber’s WMS, promoting adaptability, while firmly aligning with its voice technology.

Registration for Elevate EMEA is available here. All content and registration will be available on demand for the next 90 days.

* Körber Supply Chain Complexity Survey 2020

About the supply chain of Körber’s business area
Supply chains are becoming more complex every day. K̦rber uniquely offers a wide range of proven end-to-end supply chain solutions, suitable for all sizes of companies, all strategies or all growth desires. Capable of delivering software, automation, voice, robotics and material handling, as well as the expertise to tie it all together. We are a global partner not only for today, but also as the needs of supply chains continue to evolve. Conquer the complexity of the supply chain Рwith K̦rber. The Business Area Supply Chain is part of the global K̦rber technology group. Learn more at www.koerber-supplychain.com


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