Kier wins £3bn Dogger Bank wind farm contract

General Electric has awarded a contract to Kier for the delivery of the onshore power converter station to Redcar for RWE’s £3 billion Sofia offshore wind farm, located on Dogger Bank in the North Sea.

The new converter station will be located next to the Wilton complex, near the village of Lazenby in the North East of England. The compound will be 34,000 m2 and house the civil works and building constriction for the creation of the valve rooms, the control building and the ancillary buildings. These include the installation of all associated building services, heating, cooling and building management systems.

The Sofia Offshore Wind Farm under construction will include 100 turbines and an offshore converter station, linked by hundreds of kilometers of inter-grid and export cables. There will also be land-based electrical infrastructure.

Once operational, it will provide enough green energy to power approximately 1.2 million homes for a year. Compared to the equivalent power created by fossil fuels, this will save about 2.5 million tons of carbon emissions per year.

Kier will begin construction of the onshore converter station in the coming months and is expected to complete it by mid-2025.

Mark Pengelly, Managing Director of Kier Infrastructure Group, said: “We have an established track record of delivering civil works for a power station and energy from waste treatment plants and Sofia is a project exciting in which we can be involved.

“As we all continue to find ways to be more sustainable, we anticipate that energy will be a key growth area for Kier over the next few years. This project will also bring significant economic benefits to the North East, as we will achieve this in collaboration with our trusted local supply chain partners.

“Throughout the project, we are committed to empowering our communities in line with our social purpose of addressing inequality by empowering individuals and communities with the tools and opportunities to create a better future. We do this in many ways, including school engagements, creating work opportunities, and upskilling local people.

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