IIT team develops new method to strengthen civil infrastructure – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

SANGA REDDY: The civil infrastructure industry is under pressure to upgrade structures that have fallen into disrepair due to aging and corrosion. A survey shows that several bridges and offshore structures are at the end of their life and require immediate structural reinforcement. A number of railway bridges also need immediate reinforcement.

The civil engineering industry has gradually adopted FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) composites to repair and rehabilitate concrete structures. CASTCON lab at IIT Hyderabad has developed an innovative hybrid FRP reinforcement technique to improve the strength and ductility of structures to withstand different loads.

FRP reinforcement has many advantages over conventional reinforcement methods such as concrete and steel liner due to its lower weight to strength ratio, corrosion resistance, ease of installation and durability. increased. However, there are no Indian Standards (IS) available for FRP reinforcement at the moment. Most previous research had focused on circular and non-circular columns for erecting buildings and bridges. The present research focuses on understanding the effect of size, shape and slenderness on hybrid FRP reinforcement.

Introducing their hybrid FRP reinforcement technique, Prof. Suriya and PhD student Malleshwar, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Hyderabad, said that the hybrid FRP reinforcement technique is a very effective solution to improve the strength and ductility of structural elements bridges and buildings. “We are developing an effective analytical model to develop design guidelines that engineers can use,” they said.

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