Huey Magoo’s, Tidal Wave and Orangetheory Fitness spaces at Publix Mall

As the Publix supermarket nears completion, other expected tenants of the new Eagles Corner shopping center and its outdoor lots have been revealed, including a Huey Magoo’s Chicken Tenders restaurant, an Orangetheory Fitness exercise studio and the second location Statesboro from Tidal Wave Auto Spa.

The Publix store itself will open in mid-November “if all goes according to plan,” someone from the company responded via a Facebook post on Friday. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Publix Super Markets Inc. via email pinned the opening only “during the fourth quarter”, i.e. the current quarter, which ends December 31. .

Publix Super Markets Inc. has been hiring for the 48,000-square-foot store No. 1733 since August, when the company announced a few job fairs held in September and slated to open in November.

Meanwhile, Watkins Real Estate Group, which developed Eagles Corner and will own the supermarket and other businesses, updated the mall’s sitemap, labeling more expected occupants by brand.

In addition to the Publix, the mall includes 17,500 square feet of rental floor space in five row stores adjoining the grocery store and four other stores in two separate buildings at the end of the parking lot.

Watkins’ roughly triangular 12.7-acre lot also includes three outdoor plots, measuring between 1 acre and 1.5 acres each, at the corners. These were intended to be sold or rented out to other businesses who would build there and are not considered part of the mall.

The outdoor plot at the corner of the intersection of Old Register Road and Tormenta Way has now been designated for Huey Magoo’s, as Bob Peck, vice president of development for Watkins Retail Group, confirmed in a telephone conversation on Thursday . He confirmed that all of the other companies named in the diagram have signed leases or contracts and said three others have ongoing leases or contracts, but he cannot identify those companies yet.

Huey Magoo’s

Earlier this year, Altamonte Springs, Florida-based Huey Magoo’s obtained federal registration for the trademark “Chicken Tenderloin.” The franchisor of restaurants that serve chicken fillets and sandwiches has grown rapidly, opening three new locations in Georgia and Florida just in August and September.

When Huey Magoo’s in Hinesville opened Sept. 14, it was the 34th restaurant to open in a chain now spanning seven states, but a total of 225 franchises had been sold across 10 states, according to the company’s press release regarding the Hinesville store. The 35th Huey Magoo’s opened September 27 in Ormand Beach, Florida.

But the one in Statesboro, across Tormenta Way from the new South Georgia Tormenta FC football stadium, won’t open with Publix this quarter. So far, Huey Magoo’s outer plot is just a leveled cushion of clay on which building materials sit.


Likewise, the space designated for a Tidal Wave Auto Spa, on the northeast outer parcel behind Publix, remains vacant, so it will also take time to build, apparently long after the Publix opens. The existing Tidal Wave Auto Spa in Statesboro at 3 Grady Johnson Road near Fair Road has been operating under this brand identity for about eight months now and was previously a W4 Express Car Wash.

The third parcel outside Eagles Corner, at the corner closest to the intersection of Old Register Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway, is marked “under contract”. Someone has pledged to acquire this site from the Watkins Group for commercial use, but Peck said he was prohibited from identifying the company until the owners were ready to announce.

Two of the mall’s retail spaces, or “suites,” are in a similar phase. A 3,000 square foot space and a 1,750 square foot space, still marked “available” on the site plan, have indeed been claimed by potential corporate tenants. But Peck said he couldn’t name them until the leases were signed, “and the leases are now ready to be executed.”

Really, only one store space, Suite 203 measuring 1,155 square feet, remains unclaimed at this point, he said.

Orange theory

All other businesses currently named on the diagram are expected to be part of the mall, according to Peck.

The two largest floor spaces, both noted in previous reports, are the Grand Nail Lounge, which is expected to take up 3,500 square feet, and an Orangetheory Fitness studio, allotted at 2,800 square feet.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Orangetheory is an international franchisor of fitness studios, with more than 1,300 locations in all 50 states and more than 20 other countries.

Other Eagles Corner suites, ranging from 1,100 to 1,500 square feet, are assigned to Boutique Stella, which is an established, local women’s clothing boutique; Great snippets; Lendmark Financial; and tropical smoothie.

At least some of these businesses should be able to open relatively soon.

“We’re freeing up space for tenants in the next few weeks so they can start building,” Peck said. “We’re getting there.”

Third Chick-fil-A?

Speculation about another company setting up shop nearby – not on the Watkins property but on land owned by other investors near the intersection of Tormenta Way and the new Akins Boulevard extension – has been circulating locally ever since. some time.

If a Chick-fil-A restaurant was built there, it would be the third in Statesboro, since there is one in the Russell Union on the Georgia Southern campus, in addition to the well-known one to the general public on Northside Drive East .

“While we would love to have more restaurants in the Statesboro area, we don’t have any new locations to confirm at this time,” said Brownlee Hopkins, corporate public relations spokesperson for Chick-fil. A, in a response email on Friday. .

Tormenta Stadium, Eagles Corner and the land nearest the Akins Boulevard Extension are within the Old Register Road Tax Allocation District of approximately 290 acres. Property tax revenue from new construction and rising values ​​in the district is dedicated to repaying the City of Statesboro for borrowed money paid to original developers for public infrastructure work, including the construction of Tormenta Way and the widening of Old Register Road.

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