Holcim’s new low-carbon concrete reduces carbon incorporated in buildings



The building and construction industry accounts for one-fifth of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, with building materials contributing a significant part of this challenge.

Reputable building materials supplier Holcim has launched a new line of low carbon concrete products, which can reduce the embodied carbon of buildings, infrastructure and homes. ECOPact, the new line of low-carbon products, enables builders, developers, architects, engineers and designers to reduce the intrinsic carbon of residential, office and infrastructure projects by 30-60% compared to basic concrete from the Australian Cementless Life Cycle Inventory Database. substitution.

By combining ECOPact with accredited carbon offset programs, ECOPactZERO reduces the remaining carbon impact of concrete to zero.

In perspective, if we were to build a structure like the Sydney Harbor Bridge using ECOPact with 60% carbon reduction incorporated, that would be the equivalent of taking 14,700 cars off the road for a year.

“I am proud to announce our commitment to helping our customers reduce the intrinsic carbon of concrete construction. We are proud to be a solution provider for our customers and ECOPact is a substantial shift towards sustainable construction, ”said George Agriogiannis, CEO of Holcim Australia and New Zealand.

Cairns-based residential builder, MyStyle Homes has partnered with Holcim to reduce its carbon footprint. “We live and work with the Great Barrier Reef on our doorstep. Climate change is the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef. It is essential for us, as a company, to reduce our carbon footprint. Holcim provides us with credible solutions to achieve this, ”said Grant Hartwig – MyStyle Homes.

With ECOPact, Holcim can help its customers to:

  • Responding to the need for science-based climate action
  • Reduce embedded carbon by 30-60% compared to standard general mix concrete
  • Combine ECOPact with third party verified offsets to build with carbon neutral concrete – ECOPactZERO
  • Use ECOPact in most applications with strength equivalent to conventional concrete
  • Gain a competitive advantage and meet evolving bidding requirements that stipulate embedded carbon reduction targets

Learn more about ECOpact – Low carbon concrete


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