Here’s where construction will pick up in Brown County

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) – The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Northeast Region (WisDOT) announced that construction will resume Tuesday in Hobart, Howard and the Oneida Nation Reservation in Brown County.

According to a statement, the March 8 construction is for the WIS 29/County VV Interchange Improvement Project. The project began in March 2021, but WisDOT reports that they hope to complete it in the fall of 2022.

Construction 2022

WisDOT officials explain that the intersection improvement project overall helps with general maintenance such as realigning roads, connecting lanes and removing access to specific roads.

The project is also said to improve safety, mobility and efficiency by addressing rroad and safety issuesIimprove multimodal accessibilityand BThe road strip expansion will extend Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies and improve internet communications in the region.

For this year, WisDOT has announced to focus on the following:

  • Bridge construction
  • Pavement construction including storm sewer on large embankments
  • Median leveling and guardrails around the bridge pier
  • Building a ramp corresponds to WIS 29
  • Marley Street north of Millwood Court to be built by Brown County
  • Construction of VV county roundabout

Traffic impacts and construction stages

WisDOT reports that local roads will be closed and/or rerouted at various times during construction. WIS 29 lane closures may be expected during off-peak hours intermittently during construction 2022 beginning Tuesday, March 15.

The general schedule published by WisDOT is as follows:

  • Evergreen Avenue will remain open
  • The temporary connection from Evergreen Avenue to WIS 29 will remain open
  • County VV will be closed for part of 2022
    • A detour will direct traffic to use County U
  • County U will be closed for part of these stages
    • A detour will direct traffic to VV County
  • Diversions from County VV and County U will not be in place at the same time

To find detailed maps of 2022 construction milestones and traffic impact dates, Click here.

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