Group of all junior high school girls, seniors participate in STEM program at Drexel University

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — An all-female group of high school students got to work this week for the Exelon Foundation STEM Leadership Academy at Drexel University.

“Exelon and PECO are very dedicated, committed to making sure we help close this gender gap that exists in STEM,” said Maya Garcia, who works at Exelon.

“Programs of this nature give this young woman the support she needs, that encouragement to let her know that this is a career she can have.”

Sixty juniors and seniors from the Greater Philadelphia area were selected for the week-long experience, which focuses on climate change.

“I just think everyone needs to understand what sustainability is because it’s so important to be able to implement it, even if you’re like doing a project like recycling at home,” said Sophia Roach, CAPA student.

Aliyana Banner attended as a student and is now here as a student mentor.

She is heading to Drexel University this fall on a full scholarship she won through this STEM academy.

“It kind of helps to see that there are so many other young women who are into STEM and want to be in that environment,” Banner said.

Students will also go on field trips and have opportunities to network.

Civil engineering is where I want to go. So I thought it would be great for me to be here and learn more and adapt,” explained Simone Richardson, a rising junior. at the George Washington Carver High School of Engineering. and Science.

In one of the activities, the students tried to use solar energy to run fan motors.

“It’s a little tough, but we’re getting there. We just made a mistake with the wires and the bolts,” Richardson said.

In the end, a reflector and a bit of patience got the fan going.

“We did it!” they applauded.

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