Gonzales opposes bill stripping civil engineers of the right to sign building plans

Jan 17, 2022 at 1:17 PM

By Billy Begas

Pampanga Representative Aurelio Gonzales Jr. has pledged to oppose the measure pending before the House of Representatives, which will strip civil engineers of their right to prepare and sign construction plans for construction projects. private or public construction.

Gonzales told the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers over the weekend that he would formally oppose House Bill 10234, specifically Sections 3 and 29 referred to the House Committee on Civil Service. and professional regulation.

The measure aims to create a new law on architecture.

Gonzales said he took cudgels for his fellow civil engineering professionals whose role, participation and oversight function in private and public construction would be diminished by the measure.

He said the measure would exclusively give registered and licensed architects the privilege of preparing and signing construction documents, including those for design, site layout, floor, partition, ceiling, elevation , section, footing, column and structural construction works.

“We cannot remain silent in the face of the obvious attempt to undermine and reduce our role and participation under the law in private and public construction projects, especially public infrastructure, and in nation building. “, said Gonzales.

He also pointed out that the role and authority of civil engineers in private and public construction are enshrined in the Civil Engineering Act (Republic Act 544) and the National Building Code of the Philippines (Presidential Executive Order 1096). .

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