GB News: Michelle Mone calls long-term work-from-home plans in UK ‘ridiculous’ | United Kingdom | New



Following the news, officials are being asked to work just 4 days a month due to coronavirus, Scottish entrepreneur Baroness Mone has ridiculed the plans as “ridiculous” and “not good” for people’s health. Speaking to GB News, she explained how bad the concept is for personal well-being and has a negative impact on mental health. She also argued that in order for Britain to “compete with the rest of the world” workers must return to the office and revive the economy after months of foreclosure.

Baroness Mone said: “It is not pleasant to work from home full time.

“There are a lot of people who work from their rooms, they sleep in their rooms!

“It’s not good for your mental health… we have to change jobs in the future.

“But I don’t agree with us working full time from home if it’s three days a month in an office or four days a month … It’s not acceptable.”

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She then targeted plans proposed by the government for civil servants to work from home.

The plans would see officials enter the office for up to 50 days per year.

Mone hammered: “It’s an absolute mental idea to have public servants work from home almost 99% of the time.

“It’s a ridiculous idea!


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