Flatiron, Lane Construction Demolish the bridge at Bellevue: CEG

The Flatiron and Lane Construction joint venture recently demolished the Main Street Bridge in Bellevue, Washington, a major component of the $705 million I-405 project, Renton to Bellevue Widening and Express Toll Lanes. It is one of the largest design-build projects ever for the Washington State Department of Transportation. (WSDOT photo)

The Flatiron and Lane Construction joint venture has made significant progress on one of the largest construction projects in the Puget Sound area.

Crews demolished the Main Street Bridge in Bellevue, Wash., over Interstate 405 over the weekend of June 17 as part of the $705 million I-405 Project, de widening from Renton to Bellevue and toll expressways.

“One of the largest design-build projects ever for the Washington State Department of Transportation, this project will reduce congestion for drivers on Interstate 405, a major thoroughfare in the eastern suburbs of Seattle” , Flatiron said in a statement.

In addition to the Main Street Bridge, more than 40 bridges will also be replaced, widened or undergo rehabilitation as part of the project. Plans have been developed to avoid completely replacing some bridges, reducing costs and the impact on traffic on the busy 405 and surrounding roads. Existing bridges along the project will be upgraded to current seismic standards.

The project will also benefit wildlife in the area as culverts are replaced with more environmentally friendly fish passages.

As part of the Renton to Bellevue project, the Washington State Department of Transportation identified the need to demolish and replace the bridge to make way for the additional lanes on I-405.

When completed, the Renton to Bellevue project will add a new lane in each direction of I-405 between State Route 167 in Renton and Northeast Sixth Street in Bellevue.

The I-405 express lanes, along with a few general traffic exit lanes at clogged interchanges, are expected to be completed by the end of 2024, according to a WSDOT project description.

In addition to the demolition of the Main Street Bridge, key elements of the project include the construction of 12 mi. toll express lanes on the freeway between State Route 167 in Renton and Northeast 6th Street in Bellevue. It connects to a 40-mi. toll express lane system and supports the new I-405 bus rapid transit system. Drivers will see a significant reduction in traffic congestion thanks to the new toll lanes.

Sound Transit is expected to inaugurate its Stride bus rapid transit line there by 2026, reaching Burien freeway stations in Renton and Bellevue.

The WSDOT-led I-405 program will include a 2.5 mile segment of the 42 mile. Eastrail where several projects are underway. By 2024, a paved cycle path is expected to open on Wilburton’s timber-backed train trestle, overlooking the freeway in Bellevue.

Project engineer Amy Moore, who was just selected as the Puget Sound Engineering Council’s (PSEC) Young Engineer of the Year recipient for 2022, is overseeing this massive effort.

“Amy has been recognized for her excellent work as a project engineer supervising construction work on several major infrastructure projects, her leadership roles in the American Society of Civil Engineers Young Members Forum ( ASCE) and her services as an instructor for engineering fundamentals Revise the course,” Flatiron said.

A graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Amy was a very active member of the Seattle Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Younger Member’s Forum (YMF), where she currently serves as President – elect.

Moore joined Flatiron in 2017 as a Field Engineer Trainee and has worked as a Field Engineer on large-scale infrastructure projects including the $200 million SR 520 West Approach Bridge North Project and Station Project. $100 million Georgetown wet weather treatment project.

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