Fears of bridge collapse lead to evacuation of Newport residents


Newport City Council was forced to evacuate residents over fears a highway bridge would collapse under its own weight.

The Old Bassaleg Bridge that connects the Forge Mews to Bassaleg was closed on Friday after a structural examination determined the bridge was currently unsafe and at risk of collapse.

In a statement, Newport City Council said, “We have, in the interests of safety, made the decision to close the bridge to vehicles and pedestrians with immediate effect.

“We strongly advised residents of Forge Mews to leave their homes as soon as possible. In fact, closing the bridge would prevent emergency services from accessing the street in an emergency.

“We will ensure that any resident who decides to leave their home is offered appropriate temporary accommodation. “

Newport City Council was unable to provide further details on when repairs to the bridge might be undertaken or when people might be able to return to their homes, saying work would begin as soon as possible, with provisional access arrangements being considered. .

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