Everstream continues to invest in network growth through fiber optic construction and acquisition


CLEVELAND – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Everstream, the fiber-optic network for businesses, today announced that it has increased the total number of kilometers traveled with fiber by 80% in 2021, to reach almost 27,000 kilometers of optical fiber. This represents the largest annual increase in the company’s network to date and includes year-over-year growth through the construction of entirely new fiber optics.

Everstream has invested $ 600 million in growing its high capacity, low latency fiber network since 2019. This year, Everstream has built nearly 2,000 miles of fiber route in new and existing markets and completed this growth with the assets of a strategic acquisition. The company also has more than 3,000 miles of fiber road under construction, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

“Everstream continues to prioritize investing in our network infrastructure by building new fibers and densifying existing assets to ensure the network exceeds our internal standards for availability, reliability and an ideal customer experience, ” said Brett Lindsey, CEO of Everstream.

In its 2021 report for U.S. infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave infrastructure in the United States a grade of C- amid a $ 2.590 billion deficit in infrastructure spending. While the Infrastructure Bill was passed with funds earmarked for intermediate connections, the funding is only a small fraction of the overall digital infrastructure.

“Everstream began investing heavily in our network three years ago and is committed to continuing to do so, ”continued Lindsey. “From ever-increasing business connectivity needs to the looming demand for 5G services, high capacity fiber networks are needed to support this growth and Everstream’s new fiber network infrastructure is ready to serve enterprise customers, to support 5G initiatives and more.

Through Everstream’s strategic growth, the company is able to provide businesses in its 10 states with high-capacity connectivity as they scale. The need for increasingly dense fiber networks is driven by businesses’ need for high bandwidth connectivity and the growing need for data centers to get closer to business customers.

As part of its growth in 2021, Everstream also:

  • Built over 10 million feet of new fiber for the second year in a row.

  • Acquisition of Uniti’s fiber assets, expanding Everstream’s fiber network in Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and northern Delaware, as well as the acquisition of existing Uniti customers.

  • Addition of two major metro markets – Philadelphia and Pittsburgh – to Everstream’s high capacity network.

  • Densification of existing networks in cities through the company’s footprint. Intensification efforts included Everstream’s networks in Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and throughout the state of Michigan.

  • Increase of sites on the net of more than 15%.

  • Over 20% workforce increase through organic hiring and acquisition, including sales and support teams.

As Everstream’s network grows, its customers benefit from more diverse network options and direct connections to data centers and locations in the greater region.

Everstream’s corporate network provides robust fiber optic and enterprise services, including dedicated Internet access, dark fiber, Ethernet and data center solutions. Everstream’s advanced fiber network offers direct peering with all major cloud operators and hyperscalers. With high-speed, low-latency connections, it can support converged Internet, voice and data services at speeds up to 100 Gbps.

To learn more and view Everstream’s network and expansion efforts, visit everstream.net/network-expansion.

About Everstream®

Everstream has raised the bar for enterprise connectivity, delivering an enterprise-only fiber optic network with the speed, reliability, scalability and performance that today’s businesses demand. With over 27,000 fiber route miles and speeds of up to 100 Gbps, Everstream’s corporate network delivers robust enterprise fiber services including Internet, WAN, data center connectivity and dark fiber. Thanks to his “Do what you say, you will ”, Everstream is a valued partner dedicated to the success of corporate clients. For more information, visit everstream.net.


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