Empty tequila bottles reportedly found on new Air Force One plane under construction


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Two empty miniature tequila bottles were found on one of the new Air Force One jets Boeing is equipping at a facility in San Antonio, Texas, according to The Wall Street Journal, but at this point it’s unclear how the alcohol ended up in the future highly ranked presidential jet.


Boeing is building two new Air Force One jets that the company describes as “the highest national priority.”

Alcohol is not allowed in the facility and Boeing takes the find very seriously, says The Wall Street Journal.

Boeing did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Forbes.

Large number

$ 3.9 billion. This is the amount that Boeing is paid to build the planes, under a contract with President Donald Trump’s administration in 2018.

Key context

Boeing told the Air Force earlier this year that the delivery of the first plane could slide until 2025-one year later than expected. In April, Boeing terminated a contract with GDC, the company it had hired to design and build the interiors of the planes, which it said was a year behind schedule, and filed a lawsuit against it. In a counter-suit, GDC blamed the delays on poor management of the project by Boeing. The planes are 747s that are heavily modified with military grade avionics, defense systems, and secure communications systems so they can serve as air replacements for the White House. The planes were originally built for a Russian airline that went bankrupt and never accepted the planes.

What we don’t know

President Donald Trump has announced plans to change Air Force One’s color scheme from baby blue long in place since the Kennedy administration to red, white and blue stripes. It’s unclear whether President Joe Biden plans to keep his predecessor’s redesign.

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