ECOX Undertakes Major Retail Renovations in Hyannis, Massachusetts

Eco Innovation Group, Inc. (ECOX), a company developing new green energy solutions, says ECOX Spruce Construction has been contracted to provide all services required for the renovation of a major merchant’s outlet American in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Photo courtesy of Eco Innovation Group

Green energy company Eco Innovation Group (ECOX) and its subsidiary ECOX Spruce Construction have been contracted to renovate a major US retail site in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

ECOX began work on the store on February 21. Company management believes ECOX Spruce Construction may be able to retrofit additional outlets for this merchandiser, with more than 1,000 stores in North America, as well as other opportunities. ECOX has set a goal of reaching $6 million in revenue from related projects in fiscal year 2022.

“ECOX Spruce Construction has the ability to meet our financial target with our current rate of project acquisition. In January, we signed a commercial renovation contract with Davaco for a US military base in California. This month we are beginning a retail renovation and we intend to continue to acquire and complete green building projects,” said Julia Otey-Raudes, Managing Director of Eco Innovation Group.

ECOX Spruce Construction is the company’s second green construction subsidiary, following the establishment of their Canadian business, Spruce Engineering and Construction, in 2021.

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