Creative Man Builds Gorgeous Underground Bar Using Leftover Materials, Photos Go Viral

  • An Englishman is making headlines around the world after building an underground bar with leftover building materials
  • 41-year-old Jody Wainright says he pranked the builder and the skilled guy started digging his yard
  • According to various publications, Jody says that the structure took him more than a month and he also added money.

An Englishman has done something unusual and shocked the world after spending over half a million to create a secret underground bar. The man, identified as Jody Wainright, has built a bar which measures 5mx10m.

According to Daily mail, the boy made his bar with leftover building materials. However, it is reported that his wife does not like the way he watches his football.

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A smart man builds a nice bar underground with leftover materials, it took him a month to build
Jody Wainright is making headlines after spending over N13m on an underground bar. Image: @JavedEaston/Facebook
Source: Facebook

The publication reports that the structure is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and doubles as a cinema and is where the guy watches and hosts movie nights. The 41-year-old was inspired by Batman’s Batcave and the guy filled the space with black furniture.

As quoted by the website, Wainright said he wanted to create something unique. In his words he said:

“It’s something off the beaten path and also has the wow factor because it’s not something you see all the time. After joking with the builder I wanted an underground bar, a week more later they started to dig the hole in the ground.

“My favorite thing about the bar is that no one knows it’s there. There’s a hangar above it, so it’s well disguised. The structure was completed in about six weeks and we have spent around £20,000 (N11.3m) on materials for the bunker.”

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The Subway also released the same report where they released that the bunker took him over a month to complete. He clarified that he also had difficulty building it.

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