Corpus Christi: Local Construction Company Zoned for 11-Acre Apartment Project



Featured Photo: A section of the 11.2-acre MVR Construction Co. project site, viewed from Airline Road with the AEP substation in the background. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 13-10-2021

by Adolfo Pesquera

Corpus Christi (Nueces County) – A local developer obtained a recommendation from the Planning Commission to rezone an 11.2 acre parcel of Farm Rural in Multifamily District to build an apartment complex in the 3500 block of Airline Road.

The Commissioners, at their meeting on September 29, heard a request for Vahid Rezaei-Nazari to rezone an undeveloped southeast zone at 3538, chemin Airline to RM-3, the highest density residential zoning authorized. It is approximately 600 feet south of Brooke Road and opposite (east) of the Riverstone Apartments.

Staff recommendation in favor of the request, presented by the senior town planner Andr̩ Dimas, noted that the proposed apartments would be located between two main arteries РAirline Road and Rodd Field Road.

The project site is also close to similar zoning. The Riverstone Apartments site was zoned RM-3 in 2005, and a vacant lot just north of Riverstone was zoned RM-2 in 2015. Dimas stated that the applicant on the zoned lot RM-2 planned to develop a residence for the elderly. installation but it was never built.

RM-3, with its cap of 36 units per acre, theoretically makes the maximum number of units on 11.2 acres about 396. However, Dimas said surface parking, drainage, landscaping and other infrastructure requirements and easements make it nearly impossible for a developer to achieve the maximum. A more realistic number would be around 80% of the maximum, or around 317 residential units.

The RM-3 site plan requirements include at least 10 foot buffer yards, 20 foot street setback, and 10 foot rear setbacks. Surface parking must provide 1.5 spaces for one bedroom units, 2 spaces for two and three bedroom units and one space for visitors per five apartments.

The lot is also stock-corner at a AEP Texas electrical substation.

Vahid Rezaei-Nazari is listed with the State as director of MVR construction company, which is indicated on the application as the owner.

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