Construction project for 156th Street nearing completion


BENNINGTON, Neb. (WOWT) – A Bennington highway project has caused confusion and headaches for drivers.

Some tell 6 News that the closures are preventing them from knowing which direction to go.

“There are no detour signs, no directional signs. I have no idea where to go and we’re driving wasting gas just trying to figure it out, ”said Kathy Dolezal, driver.

Kathy Dolezal spent 15 minutes circling Highway 36 near 156th Street trying to figure out how to get home to Fremont.

She is not alone. Construction in the area has also caused some confusion for those working in the area.

At present, the construction is near a bustling shopping center and gas station.

“The 156th has been under construction for over a year. There are a lot of detours and usually the changes happen over the weekend and then as we go down the road we find that this week we can’t go in that direction so we have to figure out which route we can take, ”said Nancy Meadows, who works at Bennington.

Residents say that while the closures have been painful, construction workers have been helpful, pointing them in the right direction when things get confused.

They also say that they think the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) did a good job putting up detour signs.

Those who work in companies near the construction say it has been confusing for those who come from out of town and are unfamiliar with the project.

“I think it’s great. As soon as I explain to people how to get here, it’s super explicit how to get around everything, so it’s okay,” said Hanna Bogus, who works at Bennington.

There is good news for drivers and businesses.

The final phase of the 156th Street project is nearing completion. Project officials say they hope the road will be open by Friday, pending some testing.

NDOT says the project started in May 2020 and since then they have widened sections of the 156th and added sidewalks.

They also put on a red light near Bennington Elementary School.

The news that the project is ending is music to the ears of the residents.

“My fingers crossed, very excited for this!” says False.

NDOT says that while waiting for some testing, the road should be open by Friday.

They say you might still notice workers in the area doing the final touches, like putting sod and finishing a few other environmental items.

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