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Construction at Lear Park is expected to be completed by the end of the year, while progress continues on other 2018 Longview Parks bond projects.

Under the bond package approved by voters three years ago, $ 52.41 million has been allocated to police and firefighters; $ 27.09 million for streets and infrastructure projects; and $ 24.71 million for park projects.

Parks and Recreation Director Scott Caron said on Friday that work on Lear Park was about 85% complete and that he expected it to be complete before the end of 2021.

Baseball fields, concessions and washrooms have been completed, along with all lighting for the baseball field, Caron said. The artificial turf football pitches have been completed and the lighting for the additional football pitches has been installed.

Construction of softball fields and a concession building is also complete.

Caron said the only job remaining at Lear Park is parking for the baseball field. After that, topsoil leveling, cleaning and final site preparations will be the only work left.

Other park projects

Caron said upgrades to Lois Jackson, McWhorter, Patterson and Stamper parks as well as Womack Field are complete within 45 to 60 days of completion.

Lois Jackson will replace an existing pavilion and add a second pavilion. The existing playing field will be replaced and a second playing field added. A sanitary block will also be built.

McWhorter will receive an additional basketball court, a new sand volleyball court and the existing playing field will be replaced. In addition, a second playing field will be added and field lighting on two fields will be replaced.

Patterson will see its parking lot, sidewalks and access to Cargill Long Trail replaced. Its existing playground will be replaced, drainage will be improved and the basketball court will be redone.

Spring Creek will have its existing trail rebuilt and will have a lodge and washrooms. The playing field will also be replaced and the basketball court resurfaced.

Stamper / Womack Field will have their parking lot rebuilt and an additional new parking lot will be built. New sidewalks and pathways will be built. The existing pavilion will be replaced and a second one will be added. The existing playing field will also be replaced and two new basketball courts will be built. The construction of a new ticket office, the construction of a concession and the reconstruction of the existing football field will also take place. A softball field will be transformed into a football field.

All demolition of the existing Brought Park recreation center has been completed and the pillars on which the building will rest have been drilled, Caron said. The Broughton project is about 20% complete and is expected to be completed in late summer / early fall next year.

Broughton Park will see its recreation center renovated and expanded. The completed facility will include three meeting rooms, two fitness areas, an esports game room, multi-purpose hall, gymnasium, branch library, social spaces and additional new parking. The existing basketball courts will be redone and the park will have an extension of the existing trail.

And the Cargill / Long Park project is about 20% complete, and Caron estimates it will be complete by the end of winter 2021 or the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Cargill / Long Park is being rebuilt along its entire length from Hwy 80 North to 4th Street. Demolition of the existing trail has taken place and everything has been brought to a new level, Caron said. The last stage awaits the final surface of the asphalt path.

Although the project is 20% complete, Caron estimates that it will be complete by the end of this year or the end of the first quarter of 2022 because the remaining work is not complicated.


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