Construction of Lakewood Mall makes way for new tenant


Construction at 6400 Gaston Avenue in the Lakewood shopping center. Photo by Renée Umsted.

Neighbors are starting to wonder what’s going on with the construction of the Lakewood Mall.

Over the past few days, teams have been working in the former Dixie House space at 6400 Gaston Ave. You know that one. It is the space with the clock. In the past, it was home to Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen, The Black Eyed Pea, and Kozy Kitchen.

So we looked at it.

We found a request for a certificate of occupancy for a restaurant without drive-in service: Soft green.

The CO has not yet been awarded; it is still awaiting inspection. You can see here.

We contacted Sweetgreen, a restaurant specializing in salads and bowls, to confirm their intention to open in our neighborhood.

Here’s what they told us:

We also know a building permit was released in October for an interior remodel of the space. Sweetgreen is also named on this document.

Sweetgreen opened its first store in Washington, DC in August 2007. The chain expanded to Texas in 2019 with a store in Houston and another in Austin in 2020. Dallas’ first Sweetgreen opened in Uptown this year . When plans were announced for the McKinney spot, the company said it was plan to open other locations throughout the metroplex, but he didn’t list specific locations.

The Lakewood Mall eatery would join a host of other nearby eateries, including a few quick and healthy casual options like Unleavened Fresh Kitchen and Cava, which replaced Zoe’s Kitchen earlier this year.

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