City plans to build firing range, Mitchell City Council to consider approving engineers’ assessment for two sites – Mitchell Republic

MITCHELL – A new line of firearms may be coming to Mitchell.

On Monday, Mitchell City Council will consider approving an agreement to begin evaluating a pair of potential sites where the city is considering building a shooting range in Mitchell. The council will meet at 6 p.m.

The range would include short and long range rifle options, including 100 and 200 yard ranges and 500 and 1,000 yard ranges, according to city documents. In addition, it is proposed to include gun bays in the project, if it comes to fruition.

According to city officials, the proposed shooting range would not feature trap shooting with a shotgun.

In a note attached to the council agenda, Director of Public Works Joe Schroeder noted that there are two sites that a team of engineers will assess. The sites the city is considering have yet to be publicly announced.

The city recommends hiring Civil Design Inc. to assess the layout of potential range locations. The engineer’s appraisal work is estimated at $11,000.

Civil Design Inc. outlined the engineering and other work related to the site assessment in a memo to the city, which would provide a preliminary cost for the project and lead to a community stakeholder meeting.

Civil Design Inc. also reported that city officials referred to the Watertown City Firing Range as a “preferred layout.”

Schroeder noted in his memo that the city could explore financial assistance for the project through the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.

The following will be considered part of the consent agenda:

  • Approve the minutes and reports of the following meetings: Special meetings of the municipal council of November 7 and November 14.
  • Approve committee and department reports.
  • Approve the following raffle permit: Mitchell Community Scholarship Fund, draw to be held February 27th.
  • Approve the 2023 renewal of vehicle rental company applications.
  • Approve a change order to AGE Corporation for the construction of Cell #4 at the Mitchell Landfill.
  • Approve gas and fuel quotes.
  • Approve November 21 salary estimates.
  • Approve invoices, payroll, salary adjustments, new hires, authorization of recurring payments and other expenses.

Other business:

  • Recite the Pledge of Allegiance and receive the Harvest Community Church Summons.
  • Listen to citizen feedback.
  • Meet as an adjustment board.
  • Hold hearings and take action on the following requests: Joni and Josh Rasmussen requested a waiver of the minimum front yard setback of 8 feet from 25 feet and the side corner yard setback of 16 feet from 20 feet to build a wraparound porch and relocate the existing front door from the southwest corner of the house to the south side located at 322 S. Wisconsin St., legally described as Lots 7 & 8, Block 12, Railroad Addition , in the town of Mitchell. Said building is zoned single-family residential area (R2); Application by Gold Key Properties LLC for a Conditional Use Permit for multi-family dwellings between 5 and 12, located at 705, 707 and 711 S. Davison St., legally described as View Addition Lots 54-56, in the town of Mitchell. The property is zoned medium density family residential area (R3); Gold Key Properties LLC’s application for a variation of the minimum front and rear yard setback from 22 feet to 25 feet for the construction of a four-plex with attached garages, located at 705 S. Davison St., legally described as Lots 54 -56 from Overlook, in the town of Mitchell. The property is zoned in an average family residential area (R3).
  • Schedule the following hearings for December 5: Ethan Co-op Lumber’s application for Robert and Sherri Porter’s variance permit to build a 3,136 square foot vs. 2,000 square foot attached garage, located at 5210, Fiala Road, legally described as Lot 14 of the Fiala Addition in the Northwest Quarter of Sections 4, Township 103 North, Range 60 West of the Fifth Principal Meridian; HiWings LLC’s Application for a Conditional Use License for the Sale of Alcohol (on-site), located at 40580 250th St., legally described as Kelley tract 1, a subdivision of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, Kelley Tracts 1A and 2, a subdivision of the southern half of the southeast quarter, west 208.75′ of the south 208.75′ of the southeast quarter, all in Section 36, Township 104 North, Range 61 west of the fifth prime meridian, in the city of Mitchell. The property is zoned within an urban development district.
  • Reconvene in city council.
  • Hold hearings on the following liquor license applications: an application to transfer the malt beverage RB‐3124 Retail (on-off sale) and the SD Farm Wine license from Jeremy Jensen, doing business as Jensen Capital & Development, LLC, to Austen LLC, doing business as, Corn Palace Inn, located at 1001 South Burr Street; An application by Jonathan Herron, doing business as Los Dos Amigos LLC, located at 108 N. Main St., for a new retail malt beverage (to-go) and SD farm wine license and license to wine and cider (does not include video lottery).
  • Approve the renewal of liquor licenses.
  • Approve the renewal of medical cannabis licenses.
  • Approve the medical cannabis manufacturing license application to be located at 1400 S. Burr St., the former Runnings building.
  • Approve bid award for Livesay Lane Utility project.
  • Approve the agreement with Helms and Associates for the construction of Landfill Cell #4.
  • Approve design and tenders for sewer projects with SPN and Associates.
  • Approval of phase II of the southern wastewater treatment plant project with HDR Engineering. The project is estimated at $30 million.
  • Approve the agreement with Schemmer regarding the indoor aquatic center.
  • Approve the second reading of the annual appropriations ordinance.
  • Hold a first reading hearing on amended changes to the planned unit layout in Woodland Heights.

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