Chamber Member of the Week: Payne Construction and Remodeling

Construction and renovation | Photo by Josh Kelly

Payne Construction and Remodeling has played a central role in the Owensboro building community for over 17 years. Payne Construction embodies the concept of a family business, since several generations of Paynes contribute to the success of the company.

John Payne worked for his father, Joe, who owned and operated a construction company named LRW before branching out and forming Payne Construction in 2005. Payne’s brother, Perry, is the principal construction agent for the specialist firm in custom renovation and home construction.

“I worked for my dad for many years before going out on my own,” Payne said. “It really is a family business. My son Dalton and my nephews Noah and Andrew play an important role in our construction team, and my sister-in-law Shelly is our secretary.

Payne said his team can do everything from fully custom homes to kitchen and bathroom renovations. Their efforts have even been featured in many national industry publications.

“We specialize in custom work, and we can do a bit of anything,” he said. “We’ve worked everywhere, but we’re trying to stay in western Kentucky and southern Indiana. We have been featured in several national magazines like farm magazine.”

Payne’s biggest hurdle right now is his team’s effectiveness. Due to his family approach, the labor shortage did not affect him as it did for many of his subcontractors.

“We work very fast and some of our contractors, unfortunately, don’t have the help they need,” he said. “We are looking for small jobs to keep our guys busy while we wait for subcontractors for some of our larger projects. It’s a good problem to have.

Payne added that demand for homes and additions is currently at an all-time high. This, coupled with an increase in the cost of materials, has presented some challenges to the industry.

He said prices are rising at record rates, but their ability to work with homeowners and customize the home to their liking offsets some of those burdens. Their goal is always to help the client achieve their dreams within their budget.

Payne also attributed much of their success to communities in Owensboro County and Daviess.

“Owensboro and Daviess County have been great for us,” he said. “I remember when I was away for 5 years in the Marine Corps and couldn’t wait to get back. This community has been good to us, and we always want to give back and support the community as much as possible.

Payne and his team are currently tasked with renovating a 138-year-old home. They have taken it down to the studs and aim to preserve the architectural history and character of the house while adding a modernized effect and updating the electrical, HVAC etc.

Payne Construction celebrated its busiest year yet in 2021 and is on track to top those numbers this year. Payne served as president of the local Home Builders Association and remains an active member.

“Twenty years ago, there were a lot of builders; now there are a few,” he said. “I’m good friends with many builders in the city, and many are busy at the moment. High school trade schools are growing, and that’s great, but we need to involve more adults.

To learn more about Payne Construction or learn about some of their services, visit them on Facebook here.

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