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During a debate with George HW Bush in New Hampshire in 1980, the moderator asked that Ronald Reagan’s microphone be “cut for the moment”. Reagan was angry and said something that might apply to the Biden administration’s failure to use unused Texas materials paid for during the Trump administration to build the border wall. Said Reagan, “I paid for this microphone.” The clear implication was that since he had paid for it, he should be able to use it.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas makes a similar point. He believes the Biden administration, either to upset Trump or because it is not interested in securing the border, refuses to use materials already paid for by taxpayers in an attempt to resume construction of the wall . As a result, Abbott ordered construction to resume, using state taxpayer funds and new materials.

Over $ 100 million of taxpayer dollars was spent on materials destined for the border wall during the Trump administration. They should be made available to Governor Abbott, but the Biden administration will not allow it. President Biden canceled contracts for its construction after taking office last January.

The Texas Department of Transportation is expected to pay nearly $ 25 million to build a nearly two-mile concrete barrier along the border at Eagle Pass. The Texas Tribune reports, “As part of the project, the state also contracted for a temporary fence near the right-of-way along State Loop 480, which the Department of Public Safety has designated as a high zone. trafficking for illegal immigration.

Texas Department of Public Safety officers patrol parts of the border where federal border control officials cannot be found. Immigrants who cross are accused of trespassing and put in jail.

Gov. Abbott said: “The Biden administration has given up on its responsibilities to secure the border and the Texans are suffering. The problems along the border are only getting worse due to President Biden’s inaction. Property is destroyed, deadly drugs and illegal weapons are smuggled into communities across the state, law enforcement agencies must redirect their resources, and county judges and mayors face staggering costs. Texas is doing more than any other state to protect the border, but it’s clear that more is needed. In the absence of the Biden administration, Texas is working to get the job done by building the border wall. Through this comprehensive public safety effort, we will secure the border, slow the influx of illegal immigrants, and restore order to our border communities.

As some media outlets (mainly Fox) show footage of migrants entering the country illegally and new reports reveal that some are from countries other than Central American countries, opinion appears to be shifting. A Fox poll last spring found an increase in the proportion of people polled saying migrants’ have done harm ‘to the country and this attitude is seen across the board:’ independents (+21), republicans (+20) , whites (+18), men (+16), women (+14), blacks (+11) and Democrats (+8) are more likely to think immigrants hurt rather than help.

Abbott created the equivalent of a GoFundMe campaign so he could have additional resources to complete the wall. The website is

I bet there are a lot of Americans who would be willing to contribute because they want to see the wall finished and stop the invasion. I would call the ‘rebuilding the wall better’ project.

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