Building supplies company hopes to meet growing demand in Brunswick County

A Wilmington building supplies company hopes to capitalize on the growth of Brunswick County by relocating to a new location in Shallotte.

Hoping to take advantage of the area’s real estate boom in recent years, Professional Builders Supply is expanding its presence in Brunswick County, opening a new site in Shallotte.

The building supplies company already serves the area from its Wilmington location, according to a press release from the company, but the new location will help them be more responsive to customers in Brunswick County.

Hansen Matthews, real estate agent at Maus Warwick Matthews & Company, helped negotiate the expansion of their Shallotte location. Hansen’s company negotiates real estate transactions across most of the state on all types of sales except residential and resort properties.

He said the region’s population growth and real estate developments are what attracts businesses to Brunswick County.

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“Retail, restaurant, medical, it all follows either traffic tally or population growth and Brunswick County has both in the three main townships of Leland, Southport and Shallotte,” said Mathews.

“The main driver of growth in Brunswick County is the explosion of residential development. I’ve been brokerage here for a few decades, and there has never been anything like it over the past three years, including the boom we experienced from 2004 to 2006.

While Brunswick County’s substantial growth over the past decade is no secret, Matthews said the most recent boom that started around the pandemic has been of a different character.

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“The change we’ve seen is that more people are choosing to move here before retirement, that’s the main difference,” he said. “Now that people are discovering that many of them can work from anywhere, they are choosing to work from a place that is nice and warm and coastal and affordable.”

Matthews said that by expanding into Shallotte, Professional Builders Supply is preparing to meet what they expect will be increased demand for building materials locally. And based on recent trends, he said it made sense.

“For many years we’ve had people retiring here, but all of a sudden I think we get a slightly different turn,” Matthews said. “I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. “

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This article originally appeared on Wilmington StarNews: Professional Builders Supply Expands in Brunswick County, North Carolina

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