Braselton Mayor’s Race Preview: Hardy Johnson vs. Kurt Ward



Ward said he had gone door to door with his concerns and “built a network of friends.”

Johnson retired after 47 years in the building materials business and then began writing his resume in Braselton. He has been involved with the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Foundation, the Boy Scouts and the Braselton Downtown Development Authority.

“I believe I have the strengths that are important whenever you take on a leadership role, to be successful and the experience to see the challenges… and to understand the opportunities that exist,” he said.

“We are an attractive and engaging community with great promise… and it takes experience to see what opportunities exist and how you can prevent dangers from coming and ruining a good situation. “

A top priority for Johnson is to strengthen public safety, including increasing the number of police officers by 50% and “making sure police officers have the tools and training they need to keep us safe.”

For Ward, priorities vary depending on the area of ​​town.

In western Braselton, which is largely in Hall County, a key need is open space and a major concern is the large number of rental properties in place or planned.

In contrast, East Braselton’s vision “is to remain agricultural, peaceful, and have easy LifePath access to other local destinations,” Ward explains on his campaign website.

LifePath is a 10-foot-wide trail system that allows pedestrians, golf cart drivers, and cyclists to move between businesses and neighborhoods.


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