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For four decades, Bryan Construction (BC) has built a reputation for having fun while providing excellent customer service.

Founded in 1995, BC delivers premier construction projects across the Front Range, the western United States and internationally. BC is doing this on schedule while providing superior customer service, uncompromising quality and exceeding expectations, which has resulted in the company being named one of Colorado Springs’ best places to work for 2021.

“BC wants to serve people with integrity, with a job that we proudly support. We believe in quality work, but also in creating the gold standard for workplaces. Our vision is to provide a thriving community while creating a great culture and environments for everyone, ”said Brian Burns, President of the Company.

Committed to excellence in customer service, BC has grown to include Bryan International and Bryan Power Generation, who have extended their business model to the international and power generation sectors.

“This is our approach to relationships with our employees as well as with our customers, business partners and suppliers. We want everyone to know that they are part of our team and that their contributions are appreciated. We strive to create a comfortable work environment and to give everyone the tools they need to perform at a high level, ”said Burns.

Taking care of customers is the company’s top priority, Burns said. “We own every construction project and support our work. Construction is not our customers’ business, it is Bryan’s business and specialty, ”said Burns.

“Anytime we’re working on a project, whether it’s a new school, medical facility, or office space, work is a distraction from our clients’ day-to-day operations. We want them to know that we are side by side throughout the whole process and that BC is there to help them take the pressure off their part as much as possible. “

According to Burns, it is not just the services provided by BC, but the way the services are delivered. “People can log into our systems and access anything they want to see. Whether it’s projecting photos of the day, safety reports, costing information, or viewing plans, we provide complete transparency to clients, which builds trust in the team, ”said Burns.

Seeking to be purposeful in the way it provides service is BC’s most rewarding aspect of community service, Burns said. BC tries to partner with community organizations and donate its time, talents and funds to create impact and change in society.

“An example this year was our donation to the Community Partnership for Childhood Development, where we provided food trucks, school supplies and gifts to teachers and staff at CPCD,” said Burns. “We wanted to show our appreciation for what CPCD does for our community and make sure their dedicated team knows how much we appreciate what they do day in and day out. “

BC has approximately 150 employees and has invested approximately $ 270 million in construction in 2021. As a result of this growth, BC will move to a new facility that meets its needs, allows for growth and provides employees with state-of-the-art facilities. of technology. .

“The new space includes lots of collaboration spaces, a training room for continuing education, a ‘phone booth’ for people to get out of their open office space. This new office will be a great space for the future of British Columbia and the opportunities that present themselves, ”said Burns.

He hopes the company will be the largest local general contractor in five years and serve as a role model for others. “Having fun is a cornerstone of our mission and will always be a part of what we do,” Burns said.


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