Austin: Brookfield Properties Brings 2,625-Acre Mixed-Use PUD to City


Featured photo: a view of the rue du Property at 8047, chemin Sassman which will be integrated into the PUD Pilot Knob. Image: Google Streets.

Posted: 15-10-2021

by Art Benavidez

Austin (Travis County) – The New York office of a global real estate developer received the rezoning of five parcels of property for a mixed-use planned unit development (PUD), at last week’s Planning Commission meeting.

The five parcels of land, totaling 242.5 acres, were converted from non-zoned zoning to PUD zoning, and were also annexed to the city.

The lots are not contiguous plots, but will increase the PUD Pilot Button from 2,382.7 acres to 2,625.2 acres.

The five plots of land (highlighted in red) added to the PUD.

The additional 215 acres will provide more mixed housing and 27.5 acres of open space. The 65% average waterproof coverage previously allowed in the PUD will not change.

The properties have physical addresses 7620 FM Road 1625, 8009 and 8047 Sassman Road and Thaxton Road.

Pilot Knob PUD is proposed to be a pedestrian-friendly mixed-use residential community with a downtown and employment center adjacent to the frontage of US Highway 183.

The overall project provides for more than 10,000 housing units and millions of square feet of civic, commercial and industrial space.

Pilot Knob PUD land uses.

The Mixed Residential Zone is intended to provide a mix of single-family and multi-family residential types with 1,740 acres of the proposed PUD for mixed-use residences.

Its 400 acres of open space will include greenways, trails, parks and recreational areas of limited civic and commercial use, scattered throughout the project area.

The PUD also includes 200 hectares for a town center and 90 hectares for an employment center.

Brookfield Properties are developers and civil engineers are based in Austin Civil Solution kitchen tables.

Richard T. Suttle, Jr., with the law firm Armbrust & Brown, PLLC, represented the project to the commission.

AJ Zorn with Carma Easton, LLC is the current owner of the five plots.

VBX project ID: 2021-7013

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